Top 10 Movies to Watch on a Date

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Emily Anderbery

Picking out a movie is always such a hassle. I mean, what if he/she doesn’t like it? That should be the last thing on your mind when going on a date with someone you like. So take a look at these movies you’d be a fool not to love


-Mr. Deeds

-Pirates of the Caribbean

-Life as We Know It

-How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

-The Proposal

-Step Brothers

-Toy Story

-The Goonies

-50 First Dates

Top Ten Nicest Places to Live

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KiaLynne Bland

  1. New York, New York

Living in New York City definitely has its pros, such being hundreds of job opportunities, amazing sights to view, and new people to meet. Plus, there is always something going on in the Big Apple, so you’ll never get bored.

  1. Boulder, Colorado

Like New York City, Boulder, Colorado has amazing views, but of landscape instead of city lights. This city is also an extremely healthy place to live due to its outdoor lifestyle and young population. It also comes with loads of activities to do in its wide open, natural space such as skiing and fishing.

  1. Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon is known for its great food and transportation. There are many varieties of food from different cultures with a friendly vibe to the restaurants that hold it. In addition, everything in Portland is walking distance. And while this is a big city, almost everything within it is natural --- there are trees, bikers, and space.

  1. McKinney, Texas

Given the city’s friendly residents, McKinney, Texas is a nice place to live. Its a modern, but natural city with a classic hometown feel to it. There are art museums, boutiques, and even shoe repair stores This is an affordable, comfortable, urban place to live with a touch of history to it.

  1. Seattle, Washington

Though it is rainy in Seattle, it offers a variety of living options, along with job choices. You could choose to live in the city, or in a little neighborhood. It is also an extremely safe place to live, placing as the fourth safest place to live in the United States.

  1. St. Paul, Minnesota

St. Paul’s housing is on point, with extremely modern and nice houses. This city is also big on fine arts and education. There is a considerable amount of parks and lakes to enjoy and gawk at, and the weather in the summer is perfect.

  1. Madison, Wisconsin

Similar to Boulder, Madison is big on landscapes, with mountains and lakes all around. Those who live in Madison have the options of biking, hiking, fishing, canoeing, etc. Madison is also close to Milwaukee, and has fantastic restaurants throughout the city.

  1. Carmel, Indiana

Carmel is full of jobs, and most of the jobs are walking distance. Everything is close by, and the people are friendly. There are many local events taking place in Carmel, such as neighborhood garage sales and farmer’s markets festivals. To many, Carmel, Indiana has it all.

  1. Ames, Iowa

Living in Ames is affordable, and is home to Iowa State University. Sports is also a huge thing in Ames, which brings the city together as a community. Overall, the city’s weather is nice and has many entertainment options such as stores and a huge public library.

  1. Rochester Hills, Michigan

This city is known for its strong economics, safety, and education. The homes in Rochester Hills are lovely and affordable, and the downtown area comes with dozens of food courts and stores.

Top Ten Hollywood Hotties

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Alyssa Miller

  1. Bradley Cooper -
    This actor and comedian plays dynamic characters in many different, successful comedies, dramas, and romances.  Along with his amazing good looks and awesome acting skills, he is a sweetheart; every awards ceremony he attends, his mom is his date.
2. Tim Tebow -
    The professional quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles is avid Christian.  He is willing to talk to the media about his faith.  He helps out with young children.  Tebow’s positivity is contagious.  His strong muscles and adorable smile are to die for.
LOS ANGELES, CA - JULY 13:  Tim Tebow in the ESPY  press room at the 2011 ESPY Awards at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on July 13, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Brian Dowling/PictureGroup) tim tebow
  1. Prince Harry of Wales-

    Hailing from England, Prince Harry is the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II. The Prince is well-educated and a military man.  Not to mention, he is a PRINCE!
  1. George Clooney -

    Having been a bachelor for most of his young life, many fans of Clooney and his movies crushed hard on the silver-haired hottie.  Now Clooney is married to the human rights lawyer, Amal Alamuddin.  Although he is no longer single, he is just as dreamy.
  1. Matthew McConaughey -

    Alright, alright, alright.”  The actor coined this quote after playing David Wooderson in Dazed and Confused
.  McConaughey has had many other large roles in dramatic, comedic, and romantic films.  With curly brown hair and perfect pearly-whites, McConaughey will make your heart melt.
6. Drake -
    Originally from Canada, the musician and rapper is very popular in the USA.  Some of his most popular songs are “Best I Ever Had” and “Started from the Bottom”.  The Grammy winner has sold over five million albums.  Along with rapping, Drake acted in Degrassi: The Next Generation.  He is not only multi-talented, he is also well-spoken and respected in the music world.
7. Peyton Manning -
    This Denver Broncos’ quarterback has been playing professional football since 1998.  The football player is a great public speaker and super funny.  In 2007 Manning hosted Saturday Night Live and showed how entertaining of a person he is.  Peyton has a brother, Eli Manning, who also plays professional football; therefore, there are two talented and adorable Mannings.
  1. Seth Rogen -

    The comedian and actor began his career with the movie Freaks and Geeks in 1999.  More recently, Rogen acted in The Green Hornet, Neighbors, and This is the End.  Rogen is an advocate for Alzheimer’s research; he has spoken about the disease to the United States Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services.
This funny man has adorable curly hair and a sweet smile which can make anyone an instant fan.
9. Will Smith -
    Smith is an actor, rapper, comedian, songwriter, and producer.  Not to mention he is the father of three talented children.  Everyone remembers him from Fresh Prince of Bel Air when he was young and silly.  Now as a grown-up, he has matured but still acts youthful and hilarious.
10. Tim Gunn -
    The host of Project Runway, Tim Gunn, is a fashion consultant and TV personality.  The openly gay host of the reality show began at Pearsons School of Design in 1982.  He is quoted for saying “make it work” to the contestants he mentors on Project Runway. Gunn talks openly about his sexuality.  In a book and in interviews, he explains how he is celibate and has not been in a relationship since the 1980s.  This adorable man is so sweet to his mentees; everyone who meets him loves him.

R. L. Stine, by Teen Ink

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Jessica Lawrence

The number-one-bestselling children’s author of all time, R. L. Stine is most famous for the creepy Goosebumps series.  He is a writer and producer, also known for The Haunting Hour: Don’t Think About It.  Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Mr. Stine now lives in New York City.

What’s the weirdest fan mail you’ve received? My favorite was from a girl early on in my career.  She said, “Dear R. L. Stine, I loved The Babysitter.  The same thing happened to me, only it was my uncle who tried to kill me.  Keep up the good work.”  My all-time favorite letter was from a boy who wrote, “Dear R. L. Stine, I’ve read 40 of your books and I think they’re really boring.”  Isn’t that perfect?

Do you answer all your mail? In the early days I could; I think every kid deserves an answer, because it’s hard for kids to write letters.  I make sure everyone gets an answer; at one point I had a staff of five answering mail.  I try to read as much of it as I can.

People think they lose their imagination as they age.  Why do people believe that? I think that most people don’t have the luxury of sitting at home and writing stories.  They have to find other ways to earn a living which might not demand as much imagination.

What has been your most frightening personal experience? I haven’t had a scary life, aside from real personal things.  I do have a phobia that my nephews think is just insane: I cannot jump into water.  I have to step into swimming pools.  It’s a real phobia, but my nephews think it’s hilarious that this scary guy is so terrified of jumping into water.

Why do you think people like to be scared? I think everyone likes a good scare, and I think everyone likes to be able to have creepy adventures and face monsters when they know they’re safe at the time.  When kids read my books, they’re facing a lot of their real fears in these books but know that they’re not in any real danger.

Do you ever get ideas from readers? That’s never worked out; it’s a shame.

Do you believe in ghosts? No, I don’t believe in any of the stuff I write.

The Horrors of Prom

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Emily Anderbery

Dresses, nails, and hair, oh my! Prom can be a stressful time for the average high schooler. With the constant worries of “who’s going to ask me or who am I going to ask?” This is a blog about prom and all of the horrors that come with it.

I went to Prom Palace in Lima, Ohio this last weekend to look for my prom dress, and woah is it overwhelming! I picked out three dresses I loved, and it came down to a white dress that fit perfectly. I took a look at the price tag … $500.00! That is outrageous, why does something that you’re only going to wear once, cost so much money? My mom quickly pulled me out of the store and we drove around to countless other dress shops, but no dresses sufficed.

In a stressed-out-prom-dress frenzy, I went onto Pinterest hoping to find “the perfect dress.” After two hours of  searching I found a red dress from Sweetheartgirl.com. The dress came in and it fit like a glove. Prom dress: check.

I have a boyfriend so it’s not that hard to figure out who I was going to go with, but  helping my friends was another story. We picked from a list of candidates (the yearbook), and we decided on two guys. Now came the hard part, the pursuit. The easiest way to get a guy to ask you to prom is to just come out and tell him, but that is way to forward. The second easiest way is to have your friend drop multiple hints, and eventually the guy will catch on to it and ask you. A word of advice: pick someone you will have fun with, but won’t be attached to your hip.

We all know that prom is full of many more stressful moments, but these are a few that I encountered this year. Have a safe and fun 2k15 Prom!

Jenner Drama

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Carlee Schmelzer

    Jenner has been in and out of the public eye his whole life. Usually closely connected with the Kardashians, Bruce knows that fame comes with a price. That price being privacy and relinquishing the right to not be judge by everyone on planet earth. The most recent Image result for bruce jenner sex changeallegations about Bruce are that he is becoming a women and getting an actual sex changing operations. At first I was sceptical. Everyone that has seen Keeping Up With the Kardashians has noticed the grotesque length of Bruce’s hair but that doesn’t mean he actually want to be a women, does it? Most would come to the conclusion that Bruce led a successful life, winning a gold medal at the 1976 Summer Olympics in the decathlon event, starring in several made-for-TV movies all throughout the 80s as well as marrying Kris Jenner in 1991 and adding two more daughters to the Kardashian-Jenner brode. All of this things were done while Bruce was most definitely male, what would make him want to switch genders, especially this late in the game? His separation from Kris may have been the start of a whole new Bruce. Since their 2013 split Bruce had a laryngeal shave, which is to flatten out the Adam’s Apple (usually the first step in gender reassignment). He has also been seen sporting flowing locks, nail Image result for bruce jenner sex changepolish and shaved legs. Pictures have been taken that seem to show Bruce sporting larger breasts. Recent interviews have shown that Bruce’s family supports him in whatever he is doing, although some never saw it coming. In the end, Bruce is going to do what makes him happy and I think everyone can respect that.  

Get the Scoop: Recapping the MTV Movie Awards

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Alyssa Miller
Hosted by Amy Schumer and held at the Nokia Theatre in LA, the MTV Movie Awards aired on Sunday, April 12th, 2015.

Schumer is a comedian and actress who received 4th place on NBC’s Last Comic Standing.

Various stars came out for the night. Presenters at the show included Channing Tatum, Bella Thorne, Jimmy Kimmel, and Dwayne Johnson.

Performances were made by Charli XCX and Fall Out Boy.

Awards were as followed:

Movie of the Year – The Fault in Our Stars

Best Female Performance – Shailene Woodley, The Fault in Our Stars

Best Male Performance – Bradley Cooper, American Sniper

Best on Screen Duo – Dave Franco & Zac Efron, Neighbors

Best Kiss – Ansel Elgort & Shailene Woodley, The Fault in Our Stars

Best Shirtless Performance – Zac Efron, Neighbors

Best Comedic Performance – Channing Tatum, 22 Jump Street

Best Musical Moment – Jennifer Lawrence, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1

Best WTF Movement – Rose Byrne, Neighbors

Best Villian – Meryl Streep, Into the Woods

Best Hero – Dylan O’Brien, The Maze Runner

Shailene Woodley received the trailblazer award for her recent roles in Insurgent and The Fault in Our Stars.

Robert Downey, Jr. accepted the MTV Generation award while Kevin Hart accepted the Comedic Genius Award.

The full show can be watched on demand.

The Truth About Organic Food

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Morgan Drake

When it comes to eating healthy, many people believe that buying organic food is the way to go. They believe spending up to five times more on food is worth it because its better for you. This however, is not exactly the case. Here’s four myths busted about organic food.

1.Even if a product is labeled as organic, it doesn’t necessarily mean it hasn’t been exposed to pesticides or herbicides.

Although it’s true that organic food isn’t sprayed with pesticides or herbicides, it still is possible that the food has been exposed to them, or other harmful substances. In order to receive a USDA “organic label”, only 95 percent of the ingredients must be organic. There are about 200 non-organic substances producers can add to their product and still keep the organic label. These substances (the remaining 5 percent of the product) can contain pesticides or herbicides.

2. No research has ever proven organic food to be healthier for you

Sure, since organic food is (relatively) free of pesticides, it’s logical to think that organic food is a much healthier option. The American Academy of Pediatrics says that “although lower pesticide levels in organic foods could reduce the risk of ingesting drug-resistant bacteria, in the long term, there is currently no direct evidence that consuming an organic diet leads to improved health or lower risk of disease.” A 2012 Stanford University study reported that it’s a waste of money to pay more for the organic label in an attempt to buy the most nutritious food available. “There isn’t much difference between organic and conventional foods, if you’re an adult and making a decision based solely on your health,” wrote Dena Bravata, the study’s lead researcher.

3. Organic food is not always better for the environmentImage result for organic food

Despite the fact that the absence of pesticides is helpful to the environment, organic food is not always good for the environment. When you don’t purchase organic food locally, the carbon footprint the transportation leaves is much more destructive than the pesticides of non-organic farms.

4. Products labeled organic are not inspected for their purity

Each apple or orange isn’t checked for its organic veracity. Every container filled with processed food and labeled organic approved before it’s stocked on market shelves isn’t either. Such meticulous diligence would be impractical and inefficient. The inspection process for products labeled organic often is superficial. At least once a year, a third party inspects farms and food manufacturers that claim their products are organic. These visits ranges from simply looking over paperwork to mucking about in the fields to conducting detailed interviews with farm owners and workers, along with processors and transporters. The farmers and food processors inspected pay certifiers for the opportunity to be approved, and the various certifiers compete with one another for business. So, if an inspection is rigorous, a farmer may opt to work with a competing certifier that does a less thorough job.

Still think organic food is healthier for you and the environment? Still think these “healthier” options are worth all the extra money? All of these factors could result in your $20 organic strawberries being the exact same as everyone else’s $4 regular strawberries. Sorry for your luck.

Vegetarianism: Pros and Cons

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Jessica Lawrence

In broad terms, a vegetarian is defined as a person who eats no meat or poultry, and makes an effort to stay away from beef and chicken stocks, lard and gelatin.  Without gaining protein from meat, vegetarians often eat foods such as peanuts and eggs to make up for lost protein.  I’ve been a vegetarian since September, and in order to keep my protein level steady, I try to pack a banana or pack of peanut butter crackers in my lunch everyday, along with having eggs for dinner or breakfast at least once a week.

It can often be hard to find something to eat when you’re a vegetarian, especially out at restaurants.  I remember being at Planet Hollywood in New York last month for the choir trip, and everything on the menu incorporated some kind of meat.  At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to order anything, or else pick out the meat in a chicken caesar salad, but after talking to the waiter I was able to get the chicken salad without chicken.  Nowadays when I go to restaurants for dinner my meals are mostly either salads or pizza.  It’s not an ideal situation, but I don’t see myself going back to eating meat any time soon just to have something better to eat at Texas Roadhouse.

Though it can be hard to find food for your meals, there are some options for living a tasty vegetarian life.  For instance, eat plant-based protein foods like tofu and whole grain breakfast cereals.  A well-balanced diet is important, especially for those of us that opt out of eating certain foods.  Grains and nuts are an essential part of a vegetarian’s diet, so make sure you get enough everyday.  Greek yogurt and smoothie drinks are also great examples of high protein foods, along with some delicious pasta.

Nina Dobrev Leaves The Vampire Diaries

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Jessica Lawrence

April 6 was a hard day for The Vampire Diaries fans as they were informed through social media that Nina Dobrev, one of the main characters on the show, would be leaving at the end of this season.  Dobrev shared the upsetting news with fans on Instagram, writing, “I always knew I wanted Elena’s story to be a six season adventure.”  Though Dobrev and executive director Julie Plec both sounded off on her decision to leave, speculation began to circulate about Dobrev’s real reason to leave.

As rumors spread about Dobrev’s exit being caused by Ian Somerhalder’s engagement to Nikki Reed, co-star Michael Malarkey set the record straight for TVD’s fanbase.  “She’s always known she was going to leave at the end of this season, so I think there was a lot of speculation about that,” Malarkey said.  “Like ‘Oh, is she leaving because of this or that.’ People just need to stop reading tabloids!”

Malarkey, who joined the show in season five, says he understand Dobrev’s decision to leave after playing Elena Gilbert (and Katherine Pierce, and Tatia, and Amara) for 100 episodes.  “Everybody has different reasons for doing what they want to do, but in this business, it’s very important to know when it is your time to move on and she’s grown up on this show.  She was 20-years-old when she started it and now she’s 26.  I think it’s exactly the right thing for her to do, in someone in her position in this business.  I’m very, very happy she’s moving on, although I’ll miss her.  I think she’s doing the right thing and I’m looking forward to see what she does next.”

With the endless tears also came a celebration as the TVD family spent a weekend together in Georgia to properly send Dobrev and Michael Trevino, who is also leaving the show, off in style.  Along with photos posted on Instagram by the cast, there was a decapitation of a pinata demolished by none other than the beloved Nina Dobrev.

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