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13 Big Events of 2013*

posted Dec 18, 2013, 6:56 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Dec 18, 2013, 8:24 PM by Unknown user ]
*In no particular order

Jess Cunningham and Rachel Silver

1. The biggest song is none other than the catchy (yet somewhat controversial) single of “Blurred Lines” from Robin Thicke, T.I., and Pharrell. The song spent an astounding 12 weeks on top of the Billboard Top 100 chart, its closest runner-up being “Royals” by Lorde which spent only 9 weeks topping the charts. The biggest album of the year, with 3 weeks at number one, goes to Justin Timberlake (winner of the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award at this year’s MTV Music Awards) for his album The 20/20 Experience, featuring hits like “Suit & Tie” and “Mirrors.”    

2. Selfie! Who says that teenagers don’t have an influence on the world? Selfie, a word used mostly by teenagers, has been named the word of the year for 2013. The technical definition by Oxford dictionary is: A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.

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3. Breaking Bad, the acclaimed TV show which received triple Golden Globe nominations and Emmy awards had its fateful finale this year.

The show debuted Jan. 20, 2008 and was the story of Walter White, a struggling high school chemistry teacher who, when diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, enters into the business of producing and selling meth to help his family get by. Amazingly, the show was said to be the highest-rated TV series of all time by Guinness World Records. 

4. It was a year for two major classic remakes. The first was the Great Gatsby, which had its original movie depiction take place in 1974. This year, Leonardo DiCaprio took the stage as Gatsby, amid other stellar cast members like Tobey Maguire, Isla Fisher, and Carey Mulligan were featured too. The movie received a 68 percent approval from audiences, courtesy of rottentomatoes.com. The second big remake, which The Knight Writer itself reviewed, was Stephen King’s Carrie. The original movie debuted in 1976. The newest version stars Chloë Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore, and was nominated for Favorite Horror Movie in the upcoming 2014 People’s Choice Awards.

5. Oddly, this was also a big year for movies that pertained to the White House. Among these were Olympus Has Fallen, Lee Daniel’s The Butler, White House Down, and Zero Dark Thirty. Olympus Has Fallen is the story of a former presidential guard who, in the midst of an attack, must work with United States National Security to save the president. Lee Daniel’s The Butler is based on the true story of an African-American butler and the many pieces of history he encounters serving eight different presidents of the United States. White House Down tells the story of a man on a White House tour with his daughter (who’s luckily part of Capitol police) that must spring into action and save the president, and stars Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx. Finally, Zero Dark Thirty details the events following 9/11 and the desperate hunt to find Osama Bin Laden, the man responsible for the terrible event, and stars Jessica Chastain.

6. Our obsession with the apocalypse and, of all things, ZOMBIES! There have been many stellar, apocalyptic films that debuted this year, among them are After Earth, Oblivion, and Elysium starring Will Smith with son Jaden, Matt Damon, and Tom Cruise, respectively. In addition to our fear that the world is coming to an awful end sooner than we think, comes zombies. The most acclaimed portrayal being The Walking Dead, which has been nominated for and won well over a dozen awards. Another mention that falls among the living dead is Warm Bodies, which won Choice Movie Breakout in the Teen Choice Awards, and captured the hearts of many. Other honorable mentions that captured the essence of these frightful creatures were World War Z and the rendition of the classic Evil Dead.

7. Two words: Jennifer Lawrence. 2013 was a great year for this actress. In 2012 she had been in Silver Linings Playbook and it just got better and better from there.She’s become an idol to teenage girls around the globe because she promotes being yourself and is often considered an “obese” actress in Hollywood, but she has shown that she’s a carefree person who will not let Hollywood change who she is.

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This year she will be in American Hustle and a new rendition of the X-men series. And, of course, she portrayed Katniss in Catching Fire, and soon Mockingjay, the third movie to the series where her stardom was born.

8. Miley Mania! To Miley Cyrus and her Smilers, 2013 has been a big year. Even aside

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from just her fans, Miley has been a big topic of gossip this year. From cutting her hair to scandalous performances to BANGERZ, it’s just been crazy. She has also been named by MTV the artist of the year for 2013. Many fans can’t wait see what Miley brings to 2014.

9. Series upon series upon series. From books to movies, 2013 has been packed with series. Divergent author Veronica Roth recently released Allegiant, the final book to her hit trilogy. Catching Fire, the very popular book by Suzanne Collins was recently made into a movie. And last but not least, the first book of The Mortal Instruments was also made into a movie. In 2014, Mockingjay will be made into the final book-to-movie of The Hunger Games. Also, Divergent will become a movie in March.

10. Rest in peace. Several stars died this year and whether young or old, it’s always a tragedy. This year we lost Cory Monteith. Being so young, his death was shocking. He was a Canadian actor and was best known for his part in Glee as Finn Hudson. He was only 31. Lisa Kelly, known to most as Laurie Forman in That 70s’ Show died this year in her sleep while in a rehab facility. Gia Allemand, who was on The Bachelor, committed suicide this August. Michael Ansara from the famous Star Trek died this year at the age of 91. Paul Walker of Fast and Furious recently died in a car accident at the age of 40. Chris Kelly from the rap duo Kris Kross died of a drug overdose at the age of 34 this past May. Richard Griffiths, known as Harry Potter’s grumpy Uncle Vernon died after having heart surgery at the age of 65.

11. Year of the superhero! Superheroes were a popular movie topic of 2013. Of all of the superhero movies that came out this year, 

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Iron Man 3 was #1 highest-grossing at the box office. Some of the other superhero movies that come out this year were Thor, Man of Steel, and The Wolverine.

12. Kate Middleton and the new baby! On July 22 of this year the world was blessed by the presence of Prince George, the first son of Prince William and Duchess Kate. The whole world, it seemed, couldn’t get over the infant in line for the  throne, and with good reason. What a cutie!

13. Not to mention all of the movies we haven’t even had a chance to see this year! The return of the hilarious Ron Burgundy and the rest of the newscast has finally come, in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, and it hit theaters yesterday so go on and check it out. As well, last week the true story involving Walt Disney who’s played by Tom Hanks came out, in the form of Saving Mr. Banks, so be sure to check that out. Finally, this Christmas Day we can expect a wonderful tale of both true courage and what it means to live our dreams (even daydreams) through The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, starring Ben Stiller, and based off the classic short story by James Thurber.