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A New Kind of Disney Classic

posted Jan 16, 2014, 8:17 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jan 16, 2014, 8:38 AM ]
Rachel Silver

Disney’s newest movie, Saving Mr. Banks, goes behind the scenes and reveals the story of the classic Mary Poppins. While the movie has many funny, light moments in it, it was overall a major tear-jerker. The movie touches on major topics in the world such as alcohol, suicide, and depression. Overall, it was a great movie for those who can handle it. Be sure to have a box of tissues on hand!

Photo courtesy of: insidemovies.ew.com

The author of the book, P.L. Travers, based Mary Poppins off of her own life, going back to the roots of an alcoholic father and a failing father-daughter relationship. With this kind of dark childhood, I found it very hard to believe that this has become the happy film about a wonderful nanny that the world has come to know and love, though nobody can doubt the skills of the amazing Walt Disney.

Travers, played by Emma Thompson, was the original author of Mary Poppins and proves to be very protective over her work. Walt Disney, played by Tom Hanks, pushes to turn the depressing story into one of his famous happy tales, though she has no intent on accepting his offer.

Soon enough, the charming Disney convinces Travers that her heart-wrenching story won’t be damaged in any way as he turns it into flying umbrellas and dancing penguins. The audience is able to watch as Travers slowly lets the magic of Disney into her heart, and allows herself to share the story with a wider audience than ever before. While she’s learning from Disney, she’s also teaching him some things, too.

Overall, the film is easy to enjoy, if you don’t mind shedding tears. I recommend the movie, especially to all you die-hard Disney lovers. Saving Mr. Banks will soon be a new kind of Disney classic.