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Fab Fall Fashion

posted Nov 13, 2013, 9:08 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Nov 14, 2013, 8:15 AM ]
Nikki Miller

    Fall of 2013 is bringing out some new fashion trends. From specific colors to accessories, know what is hot and what is not. Read these fall fashion tips from Van Buren senior, Ayasha Keckler and junior, Desirae Cooper.


According to Refinery29, an American-based fashion, style and beauty website, there are three hot hues that are meant for fall 2013.

  1. Frosty Pink

  2. Deep Green

  3. Gray

Five of the most common fall trends (according to Pantone and Teen Vogue magazine):

  1. Combat boots

  2. Black and white

  3. Plaid

  4. Maxi skirts

  5. Hair barrettes and headbands

Ayasha’s Advice 


     In the fall senior fashion fanatic likes to wear a lot of neutral colors and add small pops of color into her outfits. 

“I like very simple outfits, such as a blazer and a plain top underneath, because you can easily dress it up with your FAVORITE 

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Photo courtesy of: Pinterest.com (fair use)

accessory, like a statement necklace. The bigger and gaudier the better. By doing so you've just made a super simple outfit look like you took a lot of time on it when you really didn't. I think that statement necklaces make the entire look come together.”   


     If you are feeling extra feisty, Ayasha says to throw on some arm candy and colored shoes to match.


    “Something else I really like in the fall is black. You can never go wrong with black,”said Ayasha. “I absolutely recommend clothing with studded accents in the fall! They are like small weapons so in a way they make you feel more confident.” She says to add studs with leather, combats boots, maybe some red lipstick, and BAM, rebel status.  


  • studs

  • black

  • gaudy necklaces

  • blazers

  • combat boots

  • leather

Desirae’s Do’s .


    “Boot boots boots! Leather boots, suede boots... boot nation during fall and winter,” says miss trendy, Desirae Cooper. “Leg warmers are another perfect item for fall because they look good and they keep you warm.” Layers are not only smart but cute, so adding a matching scarf every once in awhile is a good idea according to Desirae. “Leggings are awesome to use because they can be layered with easily and they go well with boots. Skinnies and boots are good too!”

Desirae’s outfit examples:

Image courtesy of: 
Pinterest.com (fair use)