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Hauntings in Hancock

posted Oct 23, 2014, 10:18 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Oct 23, 2014, 10:19 AM ]
Emily Anderbery

(The following information comes from legends and stories, and may not be legitimate.)

For the brave and the adventurous, Halloween is a time to test the limits, a season full of scares and dares. The search is on: what haunted houses or cornfields are going to peak the interests of the bold people of Van Buren? Although many seek the thrill of zombies running after them, Hancock County has real spooky places all over the area.

Fort Findlay Playhouse:

Fort Findlay Playhouse, located on the corner of Sandusky and S. West Street, has been entertaining playgoers for over fifty years. With its age comes many patrons, both dead and alive. There is a lovely lady that supposedly haunt the theater. The woman died when she was very old and loved the playhouse dearly. It is said she resides in the attic and comes out mostly at night. The actors are said to have dealt with strange noises, unexplained movements of props, and flickering lights. Do not fear her or her actions, for she is a good luck charm among the theater.

The Haunted Victorian on Main:

Ohio was once a place called the Black Swamp, a place full of mysteries and legends. Among this swamp a handful of houses were built in the 1800s. One of these houses was involved in the Underground Railroad. Apart from the tunnels and secret passageways sprinkled among the bookcases and walls of the house, it is said that slaves who didn't escape lost their souls in the house. Lights flicker and the walls shake, and some say there are groans and cries of pain that echo throughout the house. Many attribute these strange happenings to the antiquated state of the house, but those who believe see the signs of ghosts.

Rector Avenue:

A street right off of Main Street spooks whoever dares to plant their roots in its houses. A newly wed couple lived in one of its many houses, and they reported strange happenings over a span of months. Tea kettles and books moved to different rooms in the house, screaming at the sound of the Christian praise band music the newlyweds regularly listened to, and footsteps were a constant percussion during the night.The couple moved away instantly complaining of demons.

Road 666:

In North Baltimore there lies a road that circles a church. The church is said to be cursed from the KKK rituals that went on there. Many have traveled to the church and fulfilled the “six times around- six times the curse”. When the road is circled clockwise six times, it is said that you will be cursed. It is said that  those testing the haunt, strange occurrences ended up with upside down crosses and white sheets in their yards. After the removal of the crosses, the crosses continued to reappear. The cursed traveled back to the church and traveled Road 666 counter clockwise and the crosses never showed again. If you feel daring travel Road 666.

The Railroad Phantom:

Between Findlay and Fostoria lies a railroad track right off of Township Road 236, and next to the tracks is an old railroad shack. Sightings of a phantom figure clad in black, dancing through the rows of corn have been reported, but when the figure reaches the treeline- it disappears. The figure is believed to live in the railroad shack, but no one has ever made any ties between the two. Check out the railroad shack, and maybe you’ll find a phantom hiding in its corners.

For some freaky fun, try visiting these places that will test even the bravest person’s courage.