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Hidden Gems: Findlay's Downtown Eats

posted Feb 12, 2014, 1:56 PM by Unknown user
Abby Shroll and Michelle Flanagan

Findlay has a variety of restaurants to choose from; however, these options can seem repetitive at times. Many have been to Cheddars for spinach dip or Dietsch Brothers to get their share of ice cream. But what many may not know about are the “off the map” restaurants that are just as mouth-watering as the rest, if not more. In need of new restaurant suggestions? (Hint: read on!)

Joey Fratello’s Pizzeria

Joey Fratello’s is satisfying for those in need of a pizza fix; located downtown, it gives off a “New York” vibe. It feels as if you’ve stepped off the streets of New York and it offers a small and intimate location to fully enjoy the food offered.

It may take awhile to find because it is located downtown along Sandusky Street, close to the old Revolver, but it’s worth scoping out!

The pizza tastes so good that it may leave you wondering why you didn’t try it earlier. It has a good amount of cheese on each slice and isn’t too greasy as some pizza can be!

Not only does the restaurant serve pizza, but also wings, salads, sandwiches, wraps, calzones, pasta dishes, and dessert pizza. It is a good option for someone who desires trying a new pizza place other than the typical Pizza Hut or Domino’s Pizza, and it may just become a favorite!

Logan’s Irish Pub

This Irish getaway is also located downtown along Main Street. The owners themselves visited Ireland to make the restaurant as authentic-tasting as possible, as well as to make the appearance just as visibly pleasing as the food.

Situated in slightly close quarters, this pub can make you feel closer to the person at the table next to you. While waiting to order, customers can take a look at the murals throughout the booths that are painted on the walls showcasing the Irish culture. Broadcasts of various sports (primarily fútbol) are visible on TVs situated throughout the restaurant, immediately transporting guests to Ireland.

On top of the televised entertainment, live performers can often be heard throughout the restaurant! So, not only does it offer delicious food, but the atmosphere throughout the Pub is one to enjoy! Every once in a while, you may even hear the familiar stylings of Van Buren’s very own Drew Patterson.

From shepherds pie to Irish boxy (traditional potato pancakes), and many more, there is many genuine dishes to choose from.

If you’re tired of being in Findlay, Ohio and need of a vacation, take a trip to Logan’s Irish Pub to feel as if you traveled to Europe (while eating scrumptious food).

Main Street Deli

Walking down Main Street, it’s easy to miss Main Street Deli. With an incredibly plain storefront, it doesn’t look like anything special, but open the door and you’ll realize you’re wrong.

Not only is it a local restaurant, but it also advertises for other local businesses. The chairs are mismatched, and painted with local business names and slogans. The ceiling tiles are the same way. The walls are decked out in newspaper and magazine clippings and pictures.

And that’s only the decor.

The employees are easygoing and light-hearted, and extremely willing to help you make up your mind. After placing your sandwich order and paying, they’ll ask for your name, and call you back up when your order is ready.

Eating in Main Street Deli is a fun and easy way to escape the chain restaurants that are all over Findlay. Be sure to stop in the next time you’re downtown!


Located on Main Street, across from The Wine Merchant, Wilson’s can seem intimidating; everyone has heard the horror stories of people being thrown out when they order incorrectly, or of the terrifying little old ladies, or that things work differently there than any other restaurant in town.

These rumors are only partially true.

For example, the little old ladies are not the only employees. They now work with people of every age.

Yes, Wilson’s definitely works differently, and the pace of the setting can be nerve-wracking. Not only are the terms for foods different than usual, orders are placed systematically. (For example, you order 

What You Need to Know About Wilson's

Plain Hamburger: One
Plain Cheeseburger: One with
Double Hamburger: Double no
Double Cheeseburger: Double with
Hamburger with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise: Special

The water is self-serve. Use the faucet next to the pies.

Don't clear your own trash! There's no wastebasket. 
Simply put everything back on your tray before walking out. 

sandwiches, and when they are ready, you order any sides.)  If there’s a long line, the workers will get annoyed if a customer doesn’t know what they’re doing. (See our sidebar so you’re not caught in that awkward situation!) However, you can look at these aspects in one of two ways: One, that it’s too stressful and judgemental and you should never go. Two, that it’s part of the risk you take when branching out from McDonald’s, and it’s a new adventure every time.

Wilson’s hamburgers are a different kind of burger altogether. They’re messy and delicious, and dipping their thick-cut fries into a chocolate malt is a match made in heaven. If you have room at the end of your meal, the pie is also high quality. It has a homemade feel, with a wide variety of choices.

If you haven’t been there, this is definitely one downtown restaurant you need to check out!

Pizza Di Roma

Yes, Pizza Di Roma is, in fact, located in the mall here in Findlay. But, do not let this deceive you! This pizza place is heavenly and is a great option when you’re out shopping, and in need of a place to get a quick bite.

It has the typical Italian feel and you can see the food being prepped and made while waiting for it, as well as many of the food options out for display before even ordering.

There is a variety of pizza to choose from, ranging from veggie to the more traditional pepperoni and sausage. Veggie pizza is always a good option when you want to justify the food you are eating. 

The pizzas themselves are very big, so make sure you visit with an appetite. Each individual slice is rather gigantic and is a lot to take in at first!

If you are craving a breadstick or two, Pizza Di Roma has you covered! Their breadsticks are scrumptious and there are more choices than just the typical breadstick. Many have different fillings and all are delightful!

Don’t want any breadsticks or pizza? There is also salads, pasta options, and many more. Your stomach may be full after eating here, but don’t worry, it will be worth it!