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Hidden Gems: Findlay's Downtown Shops

posted Feb 26, 2014, 3:09 PM by Unknown user
Michelle Flanagan

When getting ready for a day of shopping, many hop in their cars and drive to places as far as Columbus or Perrysburg. What they don’t realize is that this is unnecessary, because downtown Findlay has plenty of unique places to spend the money that’s burning a hole in your pocket.

Trends on Main

Sitting on the corner of Main Street and East Sandusky, Trends is a boutique that was started by a local husband and wife. Most known for their dress choices around the prom and homecoming seasons, this boutique can be an easy fix for those who have a schedule that’s not conducive to driving an hour to find a dress. When the store isn’t overflowing with tulle and sequins, it stocks things such as garment bags, scarves, headbands, and handbags, as well as all sorts of accessories. While it definitely caters to the girly-girl customers, Trends is a must when you’re in need of something small and cute.

Rieck’s Art Gallery

Located on the south end of Main Street, Rieck’s is often overlooked. This art gallery is chock-full of specialized gifts, with things ranging from picnic baskets (complete with dinnerware) to paintings to cards, you can find just about anything at this store! While some of the prices may dismay potential customers, you can rest assured knowing that your money is well spent, as this gallery only sells high-quality goods. The store isn’t very wide, but it extends back quite far. Downstairs you can have a piece of art framed, or simply look around at the items they have on display. Typically, downstairs is where they present their most sought-after goods, and these change out from time to time, but include things like vases, dishes, mirrors, and more. Also downstairs there is a room full of cards, stationery, and blank journals for those who would rather receive a physical note than an email. Walking upstairs, blown glass ornaments hang from the rafter, begging to be admired. On the second floor, there are multiple rooms. Here is where the majority of the artwork is kept, along with picnic baskets, bedroom decor, art books, trinkets for the home, and the clearance area. Whatever you’re after, Rieck’s has something for everyone.  

Muddy River Bicycle Co.

One of the larger corner stores on Main Street, Muddy River Bike Company was started by a married couple who were born and raised in Findlay. They offer an extensive amount of gear, ranging from mountain and road bikes to water bottles, bike baskets, t-shirts and Clif Bars. The store is fairly spacious, and has large windows, giving it a very open feel. It’s separated into two rooms, both of which house lots of bikes and equipment. The staff is courteous and definitely educated about biking. They also do repairs in this shop, making it convenient for customers to return. Whether you’re a serious rider, or just need something to get you from place to place, be sure to check out the Muddy River Bike Co.!

The Mecca

Tucked away on East Sandusky Street, I didn’t even know The Mecca existed. It was the storefront that grabbed my intrigue! It is one of the few places that still advocated film cameras as being better than digital. The front window was stocked with traditional looking Polaroids to Elmo or Barbie themed cameras. Talk to the knowledgeable owner about film, and you may be steered in the right direction of what purchase to make depending on your preferences. There is also a huge stock of film to choose from! If you’re a photography buff, The Mecca is somewhere you must visit!