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Keeping Up with the Hollywood Award Season

posted Jan 16, 2014, 8:13 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jan 16, 2014, 10:15 AM ]
Kristin Connor 

January is one of the busiest and most exciting months of the year. School starts back up from winter break, snow days start to become more frequent, sports are underway, show choir and quiz bowl have competitions and so much more. But outside of Van Buren, it’s the start of awards season for celebrities.

From Golden Globe Awards to the Oscars, January is packed with awards shows typically airing on Sundays on CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, or TBS.  These shows actually go on up until March, ending with the Academy Awards (Oscars).

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The first shows to air in 2014 were the People’s Choice Awards on Wed. January 8th and the Golden Globes on Sun. January 12th.

People wanting to watch these awards shows don’t have to do it alone.

A party, for instance, can be held with little games, fancy attire and fun foods to spice up the night. Games that could be played are pinning the award on the actor/musician (depending on what show it is); awards show bingo, and an awards show pool.

To play awards bingo, create bingo cards with the most common Hollywood happenings: a winner crying, thanking God, the orchestra cutting off a winner's speech, a host's joke falling flat. Give each guest a card to mark off during the broadcast, and award prizes for each bingo. Be sure to switch up the items on your cards so everybody doesn't yell at the same time.

An awards pool brings attention to awards. Give each guest a ballot with the nominees listed and ask them to pick the winners. Each award picked correctly is a point, and extra points to a major category. If there’s a tie, prepare a tie-breaker question.

           For dressing attire, dress as if going to a ball.  What to wear for women: a long dress with sparkles for glam or satin for elegance. Dresses can be accessorized with a fun feather boa and sunglasses (as if to act incognito). What to wear for men: a nice suit (or a dress shirt, nice pants, and a tie). Suits can be paired with a top hat.

      An easy food selection would be a buffet of room-temperature delights such as cheese and crackers, chips and dip, fruits, and brownies, making it easy for guests to eat during commercial breaks. What’s an awards show without popcorn? Each guest can also be served a bag of popcorn to enhance the movie theater feel.

      When serving an actual meal, keep it light yet decadent so guests can still snack during the show. A salad and pasta are always crowd pleasers.  End with star-shaped cookies for dessert.

      To find out when the next awards show will be on, check out this schedule:

  • Saturday, January 18th- Screen Actors Guild Awards

  • Sunday, January 19th- Producers Guild of America Awards

  • Saturday, January 25th- Directors Guild Awards

  • Sunday, January 26th- Grammy Awards

  • Saturday, February 1st- Writers Guild Awards

  • Saturday, February 8th- Art Directors Guild Awards

  • Wednesday, February 12th- VES Awards

  • Saturday, February 15th- ACE Eddie Awards

  • Sunday, February 16th- BAFTA Awards

  • Saturday, February 22nd- CAS Awards

  • Saturday, March 1st- Independent Spirit Awards

  • Sunday, March 2nd- Academy Awards (Oscars)

Along with the awards shows, nominations for the awards sometimes take place on TV.

      January may be jam packed with sports and other school events, but an easy way to relieve the stresses of being too busy is to have a party with some friends and kick back and watch an awards show. They’re serious, yet entertaining!

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