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New and Improved: Lorde and Justin Bieber Music Reviews

posted Oct 17, 2013, 6:01 AM by KnightWriter VB
Rachel Silver


    Lorde, though just becoming popular in the United States, released her first album, The Love Club, in 2012 in New Zealand. One year after this album, Lorde released her first single, “Royals”, and her second album, Pure Heroine. “Royals” made its way to America shortly after being released and became number 1 on the Billboard Top 100. This achievement made Lorde the first New Zealand solo artist to have a number one song in the United States. 

    For being only 17, Lorde has come a far way in her newly-budding music career. Coming from New Zealand, her music brings a new style and uniqueness that is not commonly heard in America’s popular music today.

    Lorde’s music can now be found all over the world, thanks to technology. In the iPhone’s new feature, iTunes Radio, her music is not only her own station, but the iTunes Top 100 station and the popular Guest-DJ Katy Perry station as well. Katy Perry even called Lorde her “favorite new artist” and chose “Bravado” as her favorite song by the New Zealand singer/song-writer.

    Personally, Lorde has become one of my favorite artists of 2013. She showcases her awe-inspiring talent and uniqueness in every song that she comes up with and I am very impressed by her. I strongly suggest that you check out some of her music, whether it's her very popular song “Royals” or one of her less-known songs like “Team”. Either way, she is worth listening to.


    Justin Bieber’s newest single, “All That Matters”, came out Sunday night at midnight and Beliebers around the globe went insane. His most recent song is slightly different than his usual sound. Justin has begun to stray away from pop music as he adds more R&B into the mix.

    When asked, Justin said that he wants to “change his music,” referring to his incorporation of R&B. “All That Matters” isn’t too different that it doesn’t fit his style, though, and Justin’s fans seem more than happy with his latest work.

    I give “All That Matters” two thumbs up. It is definitely worth listening to, and adds a new twist for those who don't like his typical music. If he keeps up with this new style, I see even bigger things in his future.