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Pinterest Interest: Your Costume Hot Spot

posted Oct 22, 2013, 1:44 PM by Unknown user
Alli Arthur

    Ready to spice up your Halloween do-it-yourself (DIY) wardrobe? Pinterest has got you covered! Pinterest is full of all kinds of unique DIY costumes, from jelly beans to Mickey Mouse, you won't have a hard time finding the costume just right for you. So, put away the sheet with holes for eyes, and grab those scissors, because we've got the hottest DIY costumes this Halloween season!

Feeling hungry? We've got you covered. Try one of these simple costumes to satisfy your sweet tooth:

Watermelon: You will need a pink dress, some green ribbon, black felt and a hot glue gun. Measure and cut the ribbon to glue to the bottom hem of the dress. From the felt, cut seed shaped pieces to glue all over the dress.

Starbucks Coffee: You will need a white dress (or shirt and pants), brown fabric, a hot glue gun, cotton balls, a headband and a print-out of the Starbucks logo. Cut out a rectangular pattern from the brown fabric big enough to go around your midsection. This will act as the sleeve for the coffee cup. Glue this to the white shirt/dress. Glue the Starbucks logo to the front of the brown material.

Now, glue some white cotton balls to a headband of your choice to act as foam at the top of your cup. For extra detail, glue a green straw inside the cotton balls.

Jelly Beans: You will need a large clear trash bag, balloons, tape, and a print-out of a Jelly Belly logo. First, cut holes in the bag big enough for your arms and legs to fit through. Blow up multi-colored balloons to later fill the trash bag. Neatly tape the Jelly Belly logo to the inside of the trash bag. This will be the front of your costume. Step into the bag, and have someone help you fill it with your balloons. You may also need help taping the top of the bag down to your shirt so it will stay in place.

Want to be recognized as some of your favorite characters this Halloween? Try out one of these familiar styles!

Mickey Mouse: You will need red pants or shorts (if you use shorts, we recommend wearing some black leggings underneath!), a solid black shirt, white felt, white gloves, and if you don't already have Mickey ears, a headband and black card stock. Slip on your red pants/shorts, gloves, and black shirt. Cut out circles and glue them to the front of the shorts. These will look like the buttons on the Mickey's shorts. Cut out two circles from the black card stock. Attach these to your headband. For extra detail, use yellow shoes. Also, use black makeup to draw whiskers on your face.

Mario and Luigi: You will need jean shorts (or just jeans for the guys), black leggings, a red or green tee shirt (depending on which character you choose), a red or green cap, white felt, green or red felt, and a hot glue gun. Put on the leggings and shorts over those, along with your green or red tee shirt. From the white felt, cut out a white circle big enough to fit “L” or “M” on them. From the green felt cut out an “L” for Luigi. For Mario, cut an “M” from the red fabric. Glue the white felt on the hats, then glue the letters on the white felt. For extra detail, find red or green shoes, black suspenders, and draw a mustache on your face with makeup.

Dalmatian from 101 Dalmatians: You will need a white tee shirt, black pants, a black fabric marker, and a red ribbon/collar. With the black fabric marker, draw various spots on the white tee shirt to make dalmatian spots. Slip on the black pants and tee shirt. Cut a red piece of ribbon long enough to go around your neck and tie. This will act as a collar. For more detail, draw whiskers on your face with makeup.

    If you didn't find quite what you were looking for, check out Pintrest for more great DIY costumes. It's a great way to save some money on those expensive Halloween store costumes, and look great while doing it! With a little help from Pinterest, you'll be the star of your next Halloween party! Happy Halloween!