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Pompeii: A Captivating Take On History

posted Feb 26, 2014, 3:59 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Feb 26, 2014, 4:06 PM by Unknown user ]
Jess Cunningham

    The new movie Pompeii is a love story based around the famous historical disaster, set in 79 A.D. The movie is an action-packed as well as romantic thriller starring Kit Harington and Carrie-Anne Moss as the two star-crossed lovers. Personally, I loved it.

Photo Courtesy of: yahoo.com (fair use)

    The first reason to enjoy this movie was it was historically accurate. Catastrophic depictions of giant fireballs, trembling earthquakes, and huge clouds of ash were realistic to what actual citizens of Pompeii experienced, although the tsunami and pouring lava were a bit scientifically far fetched. Also, the director commented that the town was mapped on the movie after existing buildings, streets, and such that can still be found in the remains of Pompeii. Finally, the basis of the three main charactersMilo, Cassia, and Atticuswere based off authentic bodily molds found after Pompeii.

    The second reason the movie was well done was for the small details of it. Pompeii had an even mix of action and romance, maintaining viewers’ interest. Harington played the perfect tortured hunk and Moss was a convincing trapped princess. The plot actually reminded me of Titanic, so much so it almost parallels it in many respects. I found myself perpetually infuriated by Cassia’s deceitful suitor and rooting quickly for the underdog character of Milo also known as “The Pelt”. Overall it was a nice movie for almost anybody with a balance of gorey fight scenes to sweet scenes (most involving horses, which I loved).

    The third reason I enjoyed the movie was because it was unpredictable. I had somehow conjured up a different ending in my head than what happened. The ending was still satisfying, just not what I had foreseen. The movie keeps viewers on their toes with several unexpected twists, too.

    It was a good rendition of what may actually have been some of the terrifying occurrences during Pompeii, portrayed in a creative and fascinating way. If you’re looking for action, romance, and a lesson in the past, Pompeii is the way to go.