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Review of the Haunted House Purgatory

posted Oct 9, 2014, 7:04 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Oct 10, 2014, 11:33 AM ]

Alyssa Miller

The owners of Fear Factory have laid to rest their old haunted house in hopes to create bigger and better haunts at Purgatory located on 2619 Crystal Ave in Findlay; however, the attraction was a big flop, leaving me wanting my money back and feeling like I wasted my time.

Entering the premises was confusing; there was no designated parking and it looked like an in-use warehouse. The wait was long, with people left to wait outside the building; however, there was a concession stand with coffee and other goodies.  Spending two dollars on a large coffee was worth it as I froze in line.

When my group finally hit the inside, there was a winding line around thin walls. These walls made me claustrophobic but not scared about what would happen on the inside.  Hitting the counter to buy tickets was disappointing. Behind the lady working the counter, there was various utility equipment sprawled throughout the open room, almost to show that the haunted house was unfinished.

The ticket prices, a whopping twelve dollars, made me rethink standing in the forty-five minute line. I was thinking to myself, “this place better be worth it.” Little did I know it wasn’t.

Purgatory took you through continuous small hallways, possibly playing on one’s fear of tight spaces; however, there were no scares throughout the halls and the walkways weren’t small enough to make someone too claustrophobic.

There were only five rooms throughout the haunt: a spinning tube, a room with two suffocating air tubes, two identical rooms with jail cells, and a room covered in bloody sheets. These rooms lacked authenticity because there wasn’t anything in them besides a lone actor and very few animatronics.

Throughout the haunt, I believe I only jumped three times due to the limited, subpar haunts. Areas that should have contained actors or animatronics were unoccupied. Actors were spotted before their intended scare. Even worse, the attraction took less than ten minutes to get through. The haunted house felt rushed and unfinished.

The haunted house wasn’t worth the money and was a clear disappointment.The owner of Fear Factory should have taken a year off to rethink and make a new, better haunted house as opposed to a half-finished one. The scariest part of the night was when my dad almost ran into a car on the way out.

If you are looking for a haunted attraction for this Halloween season, I suggest you look somewhere other than Purgatory in Findlay; however, if you feel like wasting forty-five minutes in line, twelve dollars for a eight minute haunt, and a lack of scare,  then Purgatory is the place for you.