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Stix: Only for the Adventurous

posted Mar 12, 2014, 6:20 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 12, 2014, 7:58 PM by Unknown user ]
Michelle Flanagan

Walking into Stix on East Sandusky Street on a Saturday night, I didn’t know what to expect. The only background knowledge I had was that they served “American cuisine with an Asian flair,” which leaves the playing ground wide open; is it chicken tenders with soy sauce? Sushi with barbeque? Both?

The atmosphere of the restaurant was the first thing that hit me. Stix is placed in a very small storefront, but they use this limited square-footage to produce an intimate environment. With light blue as the dominant color, and tea-light candles burning on each table acting as the main light source, the setting is very relaxed.

After being seated, I looked at the menu. The food was fairly pricey (appetizers averaged about $10, and the entrees were between $20-$30), and the dishes were far more exotic than I had anticipated. Serving things like quail, duck, scallops, and oysters, it was difficult to find a dish that was more “traditional” American food. They also offer an extensive sushi menu, none of which I was tempted to taste. Due to the fact that I don’t like seafood, and wasn’t in the mood to try duck, I settled on barbeque short ribs which came with a kimchi salsa.

Service was average at the restaurant in terms of speed, but the waitresses were very willing to help answer any questions or concerns about the menu.

The short ribs came in a very small, hot bowl, which made them surprisingly difficult to cut. I felt slightly ridiculous struggling to eat tender meat, but when the waitress dropped off a steak knife, she informed me that a few of her other tables have had problems cutting it as well. 


        While the taste of the meat was delicious, and the combination of kimchi salsa and barbeque was unlike anything I’ve tasted, the ribs themselves were quite fatty, which I did not enjoy. Since this is the nature of small back ribs, it is not a clear reflection on the restaurant specifically.


        Overall, I feel that Stix makes a nice addition to Findlay’s downtown options, as it adds a twist to Findlay’s typical sports bars and pizza joints, but it’s not one I would choose again. For people with more adventurous taste buds than I, you may want to check it out! If you’re planning to go late on a weekend, I would recommend calling ahead to make a reservation since the space is so limited (419-424-1116).