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Vegetarianism: Pros and Cons

posted Apr 23, 2015, 10:44 AM by Unknown user
Jessica Lawrence

In broad terms, a vegetarian is defined as a person who eats no meat or poultry, and makes an effort to stay away from beef and chicken stocks, lard and gelatin.  Without gaining protein from meat, vegetarians often eat foods such as peanuts and eggs to make up for lost protein.  I’ve been a vegetarian since September, and in order to keep my protein level steady, I try to pack a banana or pack of peanut butter crackers in my lunch everyday, along with having eggs for dinner or breakfast at least once a week.

It can often be hard to find something to eat when you’re a vegetarian, especially out at restaurants.  I remember being at Planet Hollywood in New York last month for the choir trip, and everything on the menu incorporated some kind of meat.  At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to order anything, or else pick out the meat in a chicken caesar salad, but after talking to the waiter I was able to get the chicken salad without chicken.  Nowadays when I go to restaurants for dinner my meals are mostly either salads or pizza.  It’s not an ideal situation, but I don’t see myself going back to eating meat any time soon just to have something better to eat at Texas Roadhouse.

Though it can be hard to find food for your meals, there are some options for living a tasty vegetarian life.  For instance, eat plant-based protein foods like tofu and whole grain breakfast cereals.  A well-balanced diet is important, especially for those of us that opt out of eating certain foods.  Grains and nuts are an essential part of a vegetarian’s diet, so make sure you get enough everyday.  Greek yogurt and smoothie drinks are also great examples of high protein foods, along with some delicious pasta.