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What to Get Your Valentine

posted Feb 5, 2015, 7:26 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Feb 5, 2015, 7:28 AM ]

Alyssa Miller

Whether you’re in a new relationship or have been together for longer than you can remember, your significant other deserves a Valentine’s Day gift.  But what do you get your other half for this small, yet arguably significant holiday? Have no fear, for I have done my research and am going to give you the best possible gift ideas to show your girlfriend or boyfriend how much you care.

For your girlfriend:

Boys, if you are in a new relationship, I suggest you don’t go too overboard on gifts so your girlfriend does not think the relationship is any more serious than it is.  Get your girl a stuffed animal, flowers, candy, and maybe a bracelet or necklace.  This little gift will show her that you are a great gift giver and are truly interested in her.


If the relationship is older, you may need to remind your girl of how much you care about her.  The best way you can do this

is by getting her something that means a lot to her, something you two can do together.  Take her to the art museum or a musical/play she has been wanting to see.  If you don’t think she will like doing something, make her a scrapbook of your relationship or turn her favorite hoodie of yours into a pillow.  This homemade gift will reiterate your care for her and she is bound to love it.
For your boyfriend:

Now it is time for the ladies!  If your relationship is newer, I suggest going with smaller gifts.  I always recommend to get your boy what you would like for him to have or wear; therefore, a new sweatshirt or cologne would be a gift that satisfies both you and him.  If you aren’t good with picking out clothes and aren’t sure about his favorite scent, a video game he wants to try or movie he has been meaning to watch is a great idea.  This type of gift gives you the chance to spend watch or play along with him, strengthening your relationship.

An older relationship may require more thought because you have already given him a bunch of different gifts.  Getting your boyfriend tickets
to see his favorite team play would be a great way to spend time with him and a refreshing new gift idea.  While it may cost more than you would like, the experience is something he will never forget.  If he isn’t into sports or you are looking for a cheaper option, make him a mix tape of all the songs that remind you of him and your relationship.

Before you go shopping for your significant other, remember to keep a budget and their own interests at heart.  For a newer relationship, smaller and more material goods are best.  For an older relationship, spending time together or making a homemade gift is the way to go.  The entire idea of Valentine’s Day is to show admiration for your boyfriend/girlfriend, so don’t stress out when it comes to gift-giving.  Give from the heart and he/she will be sure to love it!


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