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Young and Promising

posted Jan 29, 2014, 5:04 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jan 30, 2014, 8:20 AM by Unknown user ]
Abby Shroll

As  I entered Walmart and walked towards the music aisle, I was excited! Already a fan of Young the Giant, I had expectations for what the group had to offer for their new and second Album, Mind Over Matter. They’re known for being an indie rock band, which can be heard in this album. Now for those wondering, yes, the band is literally named “Young the Giant”. It expresses the fight for youth when everyone is forced to grow up so fast.

Photo courtesy of: pursuitofdopeness.com (fair use)

When scoping out specific albums to buy in a store, I’m always worried it’s sold out or nowhere to be found. Luckily, I discovered it in the new releases section easily! At first glance, I noticed how peaceful and artistic the album cover was. Entirely grey, it appeared to symbolic of a spiritual storm with a girl and a wave appearing on the cover.

I arrived home, CD in hand, and was ready to rip the plastic seal off the album. (The worst part about buying a physical CD--the wrapping.) What seemed like many hours later, it was open and my ears were ready for music.

Initially when the album started to play and songs kept advancing, they all sounded the same. I didn't fall in love right away. The first song “Slow Drive” is entirely instrumental, and I found it to descend listeners into a dream (the album). I did, however, think the song “Mind Over Matter” was attention-catching right away. Coincidentally, it shares the same name as the album and the vocals were fantastic on this track.

The overall sound was so-cal and relaxing, and gave me a care-free vibe. All of the songs sounded almost effortless (in a good way).

I kept listening, and I started to like it more. Although it does seem to drag on at times, with 13 tracks to offer, each one was unique. I always find it ironic how songs that aren’t pleasing at first can become a favorite. I like to think appreciation and likability of songs changes with time.

A song that grew on me was “Daydreamer”, and is about exactly what the title infers--daydreaming, which is  reflective of the entire album. It was mostly about daydreaming, love, and happiness. I loved the meanings behind the songs because they don’t take a lot to appreciate, but are instead about the simple things in life. The album’s almost entirely about experiences in the mind, not the body. It’s like a mental journey.

I would give this three stars. I didn't like it more than their debut album, and nothing beats their song “Cough Syrup”, which discusses not taking life too seriously. However, I like this album in all its organicness and simplicity. If you like the bands Walk the Moon or Imagine Dragons, you might find some gems on this album. I look forward to an album in the future because I think they still have a lot to offer the music world.