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A Year to Remember: The 2013-14 Wrap-Up

posted Apr 30, 2014, 6:40 PM by Unknown user   [ updated May 1, 2014, 8:44 AM by Unknown user ]

Matthew Bado 

This school year has been an interesting one, and a variety of things have happened over the course of these thirty-six weeks.

Boys’ golf went to state and performed admirably, coming in eleventh out of twelve teams.

“Arlington was the favorite according to everyone, but as we came together as a team we realized that our hard work and dedication would beat raw talent every time,” said Mac Williams, senior. “This showed when we won the BVC and I shot 88 at districts. With these scores, we showed that our team depth would prevail over the raw talent of other teams every time, and that hard work and dedication would carry us to our goal every time. Coach Heitkamp is testament to this because we look to him as a model example of hard work and discipline, and the credit for our victory should go to him.”

Wrestler Chance Sonnenberg also went to state this year, following in the footsteps of his brother Chad Sonnenberg. The boy’s basketball team also had their most successful season this year with an end season score of 14-10.

        The music department put on its biannual musical, and this year’s choice was  the 1960s hit ye Bye Birdie. The musical was supervised by Mrs. Erikson and Mr. Vaughn, and was performed excellently. Something that perhaps helped out the musical was the founding of Van Buren’s drama club by Mrs. Erikson earlier this year.

            Van Buren also got its own chapter of Friends of Rachel, an organization designed to help promote Rachel’s Challenge in schools. Rachel’s Challenge is dedicated to the memory of Rachel Scott, who was killed in the infamous 1999 Columbine Shooting. Her Challenge is designed to help quell school bullying, violence, and teen suicide.

Additionally, the yearly FFA Olympics took place, the NHS blood drive was held, the Power Team held an assembly in the gym, and Quiz Bowl go to Minneapolis to compete this weekend.

Finally, Cabaret was held last weekend. The program contained many acts, both humorous and dramatic, and culminated in the traditional send-off of the Association’s senior members. As usual, some seniors were seen tearing up knowing that this was their last performance with the group ever, and that they were walking in the footsteps of the seniors before them.

“It was the best senior Cabaret I could have ever had and I’m going to miss everyone,” said Joel Schumacker, senior.

For the seniors, high school is nearly over. For everyone else, another summer rapidly approaches, and we look forward to everything that next year will hold!