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First Step to the Future

posted Mar 26, 2014, 5:31 PM by Unknown user   [ updated May 15, 2014, 8:39 AM by Unknown user ]
Rachell Resnik

There are thousands of colleges in the United States and it can be stressful deciding where to start on the college journey. Finding the perfect college takes a lot of time and it can be beneficial to start early. Taking the time to visit a variety of colleges is the first step in this adventure. Take this year’s seniors’ advice on what kind of colleges to research and visit this summer!

Colleges with your friends- Does your friend have a favorite college they plan on attending? Check it out! Seniors Madi Endicott and Robyn Flick are both attending Ashland University (a division two school in Ashland, Ohio)  next fall and discuss some of the perks of having a friend at college. Flick and Endicott are not rooming together, but plan on hanging out and making friends together. Flick says, “It’s great because I have a friend to go to and someone to meet new friends with.” Endicott agrees and looks forward to attending the same church at

Ashland with Flick and making friends through that.

Big schools- If you enjoy the city life and are interested in the complete opposite of our small high school, a big school may be the way to go for you! According to osu.edu, over 43,000 Ohioans are currently attending the Ohio State University, so it is likely you will know someone there! OSU is a great place to visit to get a feel of big campus life in the heart of Columbus. Senior Kelly McCartney will be attending OSU next fall and is excited to take on the city. McCartney discusses her favorite things about OSU, saying,  “It’s huge, so there are a lot of different opportunities that some small schools don’t offer! There is also a lot of school pride, which I love.” With over 1,000 student organizations, there is always something to do! McCartney got insider information from many enrolled students and former alumni. If you love the city life and school spirit, The Ohio State University is a great place to explore.

Any siblings currently in or graduated from college? Get the insider perspective from them and check out their school! Paige Sudlow and Abby Shroll are both attending The University of Cincinnati (a large division one college) next fall alongside their brothers who are juniors at UC. Shroll is eager to experience the college life, but is reassured that her brother is there to help make the transition easier. Sudlow adds that she didn’t pick UC because her brother went there; he simply introduced her to the college. Shroll, as well, has different motives for going to UC and actually liked the school before her brother went there. Having brothers at UC was an added bonus and the girls agree that seeing their brothers satisfied definitely makes them excited as well.

Small Schools- Do you like the atmosphere of Van Buren or the thought of personal instruction? Then small schools are the schools for you! Senior Sawyer Junge will be attending Wittenberg University next year. Wittenberg has less than 2,000 students and is located in Springfield, Ohio. Junge enjoys the small school atmosphere and thinks the transition into a small college will be easier than a larger one. Don’t be shy to the size; small colleges can offer just as many opportunities and experiences as large ones.

In-State colleges- Staying in Ohio may seem awful to many students, but going to college in your home state can save big bucks in the long run. Take a college like Ohio State University: if a student is an Ohio resident they pay $10,010 per year for tuition while of state residents pay $25,726 (according to osu.edu). Going to a public school out of state could mean paying double the cost. Take a tour around Ohio and check some of the colleges this state has to offer here.

Out of state- Staying in Ohio for four more years too much to handle? Check out some out of state colleges! Senior Zach Hiris did and found his perfect college seven hours away in New York. Hiris will be attending Oswego State University and is excited for all the opportunities New York will present him. Hiris says, “You get to experience a new atmosphere...and all different sorts of people.” Being in New York will definitely be a major change for Hiris but he is looking forward to the experiences it brings. If you ever go out of the state, check out some colleges along the way!

If you are set on a major, then research colleges that are highly ranked in that area of study. Senior Alisa Warren has her heart set on Journalism and found a college that is both ranked and in the state: Ohio University! According to the Huffington Post, Ohio University’s Journalism program is ranked 7th in the United States. With such a prestigious program, the top students in the class will benefit from excellent internships because companies know that OU gives a quality education to young journalists. Some of Warren’s favorite journalists even came from Ohio University. Websites like the Huffington Post and the Princeton Review offer rankings and reviews on many different majors and colleges!

There are many different types of colleges out there and many different opinions on where to go. In the end, it is what your preference is and where you will find yourself happiest. Don’t be afraid to visit a wide variety of colleges, or to look out of state. Most importantly, don’t stress too hard! You’ll find the perfect college, and when you step foot on campus, you’ll know!