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Gender Role Psychology Journals

posted Oct 31, 2013, 8:51 AM by Unknown user   [ updated May 14, 2014, 10:29 AM by Unknown user ]
        Mr. V's psychology classes learned about gender differences and stereotypes last week. To better understand gender stereotypes, students were assigned a journal entry which had to be written from the opposite gender's perspective. The Knight Writer is honored to feature the journals from seniors Robyn Flick and Joey Nelson.

Robyn Flick

        I wake up on Monday morning and roll around to look at the clock. 7:35 a.m., plenty of time. I grab the shirt on the top of one of the four piles in my room. I put it up to my nose and take a whiff. My eyes start to water, but I pull it on. It will just smell like I came from the gym - that's hot, right? I glance at my reflection to ensure I'm still just as good-looking and pause to admire my muscle. Flexing, I am reminded why everyone loves me. Deciding I should probably freshen up, I grab a stick of gum on my way out to my car. I throw my car into drive and accelerate down the road. I crank up my rap and up the bass while I wait for the beat to drop. I park my car next to my friends and wait for them to arrive so we can be all cool and walk in together. Every time I see one of my guys we do our handshake (fist bump, shake, high five, bro hug). I talk about the games yesterday while I make my way to my locker. I catch my reflection in the trophy case while I walk by, my two favorite things: sports and myself. I gather my books and go to class. But really, why am I even in class? After all, I'm a football player, therefore better than anyone else. Do the teachers even understand that it isn't that easy to look that good in the uniform? Obviously they don't since I still get homework. Finally, it's time for lunch with my bros. Let's start clapping and see how many people join in. I wonder if I can throw this hamburger across the lunch room. Smack cam. Too soon the bell rings and I go to my next two classes without paying attention. At last, it's time for weight lifting which is my favorite class since there are mirrors on every wall. But I'm not cocky, just honest (who wouldn't want to look at me?). I go home and skip my homework (who expects me to do that anyways?) and pull out the video games. I grab some chips and play Live with my dudes. I decide to turn in early and end my day at 2 a.m. With one last flex of my muscles I roll onto my unmade bed and fall asleep.

Joey Nelson        

        Wow….my life is done! There was like zero hot water in the shower and I only had like an hour and a half to get ready! And stupid Gillian keeps tweeting about her ugly boyfriend, like seriously no one cares about your pathetic life, Gillian! I got to school and oh...my….gosh Kevin was wearing the same thing he did last Thursday! Like seriously dude do you even wash your clothes, get a life Kev! I was really hoping I could get by with my yoga pants today because holy crap I was looking fabulous!!! But of course The Fuhrer was on lookout and caught me second period...like shouldn't he be teaching or something omg dude get a life! When I got home and my mom fricken started telling me to do the dishes and clean my room and I was like, “Mom no way am I wrecking my nails to do that and you can just have Ben do it or something.” Then we were eating dinner and my stupid Dad tried to take away my phone because I text too much! I was like, “Dad, how am I supposed to get a boyfriend and learn what’s going on with Julie if I don’t have a phone!” So I ran to my room and slammed the door and started listening to Taylor Swift as loud as my iHome would go. But then I got the cutest, sweetest, most sincere text of all time from this hottie named Chase. It said “Hey.” It made my heart leap a little and I thought about what to say back for over 20 minutes. I didn’t wanna tell him I loved him already because like we’ve never talked before and I don’t want to be creepy. So I settled with saying “Hi Chase!” We talked for like another hour about how stupid math was today. And then he freaking asked for my BFF Jenny’s number because he was gonna ask her to the Spring Fling! Like what the heck Chase, we were supposed to get married!