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Hot or Cold?

posted Oct 1, 2013, 7:37 PM by KnightWriter VB

Madi Endicott

    When girls wake up two hours early to do their hair just right, or layer on mascara and foundation to make themselves look pretty, who is going through their head? When they slip on that tight v-neck, or spritz half a bottle of perfume on themselves before going out, who are they trying to impress? When they laugh a little too much, talk really loudly, or try to be like Snooki, whose attention are they trying to get?

    Although boys are not the only thing on a girl's mind, they tend to be the reason why girls go through so much to make themselves appear attractive. But do these things girls do to try to impress guys really do the trick? Or do they just end up pushing him away? Skip the Seventeen magazines and check out these answers right from the source. Eleven high school guys whose personalities ranged from jock to music-lover to pubescent freshman shared their view on girls. Their names are kept confidential, therefore, although highly stereotypical, they will be referred to as an adjective that describes their personality.

    One of the most common tools girls use to make themselves appear more attractive is makeup. Almost every girl puts on a little mascara so she can look good when she bats her voluminous eyelashes at her crush, but some girls can go a little overboard with makeup according to all of the gentlemen interviewed.


 “A little makeup is good, like around the eyes,” Mr. Musical stated.

    Mr. Christian disagreed and said, “When [girls] wear a lot of makeup they just look fake which is not impressive.”

    Mr. School Spirit elaborated on the topic, “I feel like girls give a false impression when they wear a lot of makeup, like they're trying to be someone they're not.”

    Mr. Preppy and Mr. Smartie agreed on the idea that the reason girls wear makeup is to try to impress other girls. Mr. Smartie also stated that it doesn't really matter to him if a girl wears makeup or not.

    To Mr. Freshman, girls who don't wear any makeup are brave and unafraid to show the world their natural beauty which can make them more attractive than a girl with makeup.

    Guys' hormones are constantly on the peak (Mr. Christian, Mr. CrossFit, Mr. Quiet, Mr. Super Athlete, and Mr. Preppy admitted this) so although girls may be getting their attention with that short skirt or tight top, it is not the kind of attention that builds lasting relationships. Girls who respect themselves are the ones who tend to be respected by guys.

    “I hate it when girls get mad at us for 'looking' when they wear the tight and low-cut clothing. We are boys,” Mr. Huggable Teddy Bear stated.

    “It's like [girls who wear revealing clothes] are trying to get attention,” Mr. CrossFit explained, which he said is not an attractive feature.

    Girls tend to draw attention to themselves by either talking themselves up or simply talking loudly in general when they know their crush is nearby because they feel it is a good way to catch the eye of Mr. Right.

    Wrong! All of the fellas I interviewed claimed this method is just a way for girls to embarrass themselves. “It's like they're begging for attention and shows they are self-centered which is not an attractive trait,” Mr. Smartie explained.

    Mr. CrossFit said that when girls try to impress guys or look cool by pretending to know people they don't or talk about parties they've been to, it doesn't go over well with him.

    Mr. Christian, Mr. Preppy, and Mr. Quiet agreed that it is annoying when girls say stuff that isn't true to make themselves look better.

    “When [girls] butt in on my friend and I's conversation it's rude and annoying. Interrupting is not attractive,” Mr. Jock stated.

    Girls tend to hide their intelligence when they are around boys, acting dumb to get their attention. “That is a big 'NO'!” all eleven boys practically shouted.

    “Smart girls are attractive,” Mr. Musical and Mr. Preppy both said.

    Mr. Freshman and Mr. School Spirit stated that it is more attractive when girls can have an intelligent conversation with them. “I like it when girls can understand my nerd talk,” Mr. Freshman confessed. All guys said that intelligence captures their attention more than stupidity.

    Girls love a guy who can make them laugh, and guys say stuff that cracks girls up, but can a girl's laugh ever get annoying?

    “I actually think it's okay if a girl laughs at things that aren't really funny to her because when my jokes are pretty bad it feels good to have her laugh,” Mr. Freshman said.

    Mr. School Spirit had a different opinion, “I can tell when a girl's laugh isn't real, or they are using it as a filler when it gets awkward; that's annoying.”

    All eleven guys shared a secret turn-on when it comes to a girls laugh.

    “The more ridiculous a girl's laugh is, the more attractive they are,” Mr. School Spirit revealed.

    Mr. Jock agreed, “Sometimes I just end up laughing at her laugh, it's great.”

    The majority of guys agreed with Mr. Smartie who stated, “Laughing together is good; it's not fun to be serious all the time.”

    Mr. Preppy, Mr. CrossFit, Mr. Freshman, and Mr. Quiet said when girls laugh sincerely not only is it attractive, but it shows they have a sense of humor, which brings us to the next matter.

    A sense of humor is high up on the list of traits girls look for in a guy and it turns out guys like girls with a sense of humor, too.

    “[When girls have a sense of humor] it shows their personality and it's more fun and easier to hang out with them,” Mr. Freshman said. “Having a sense of humor is in my top five most attractive things – top three, actually,” he continued.

    Mr. School Spirit, Mr. Huggable Teddy Bear, Mr. Christian, Mr. Preppy, Mr. CrossFit, Mr. Smartie, and Mr. Quiet all attested to this. “I don't want to talk to a wall,” Mr. CrossFit said about girls with no sense of humor. Laughter really is the best medicine when it comes to getting the guy.

    Although the normal action would be to compliment the person you like, girls tend to tease their crush because it's a comfortable and a less serious way to flirt or break the ice. Guys flirt with girls by making fun of them, so girls kind of take this as a hint that it's a good way to flirt with them. Most guys agreed that teasing is a cute way for girls to flirt; however, only under certain conditions.

    “I can handle teasing as long as it's not something I'm self-conscious about,” Mr. School Spirit stated. “Sometimes girls are almost mean to guys when they like them and that's so elementary school,” he continued.

    According to Mr. Smartie, teasing can only go to a certain level before it makes a girl unattractive, “I like teasing as long as we are both aware of it and are having fun. When [girls] start making fun of people behind their back, that's unattractive.” According to the guys, teasing can be cute as long as it doesn't hurt feelings.

    As insecure adolescents, girls are taught by parents, teachers, and other authorities to build confidence. Not only is confidence a good feature to have in life, but it is also attractive to guys.

    “Confidence is good because I hate it when girls say 'I'm gonna fail.' I like a girl who knows her limits but believes in herself,” Mr. School Spirit said.

    It turns out that One Direction was right in their song “What Makes You Beautiful” because Mr. Freshman said that it's “cute” when girls who are pretty don't think they are, it shows they're humble.

    Mr. Christian agreed that humility is an attractive feature, but he also said that a confident girl is good, too “because it makes you feel comfortable being around them. They know who they are.”

    Despite girls' efforts to be exactly what they think guys want, like Megan Fox or a Victoria Secret model, all guys really want is for a girl to just be herself (“even if she's weird,” according to Mr. Smartie).

    “I think every guy wants a girl to be herself because we are only going to date a girl whose personality is close to ours and likes the same things,” Mr. Jock stated.

    Mr. Preppy complied, “[When girls are themselves] it shows who they really are and you know whether or not you want to be with them.”

    Similar to how guys think makeup makes girls look fake, the same idea is applied to personality. “If [girls] aren't themselves eventually you will find out who they really are and you won't like them,” Mr. School Spirit said.

    Mr. Freshman had the same thought, “If a guy falls for a girl who is being herself, then there's nothing that can change.”

    “Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.” 1 Peter 3:3-4