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Twitter: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

posted Nov 13, 2013, 9:27 PM by Unknown user   [ updated May 14, 2014, 10:33 AM by Unknown user ]
Paige Sudlow 

Three years, two months, and one day is the time it took for the billionth tweet to be tweeted. Since the start of twitter in 2006 (Huffington Post) it has skyrocketed and twitter presents many different ides. But is all of it for the good?

           Many people use Twitter to stay in touch with others, even if it is only reading what is going on in their lives.

“I think that it is a way to connect with one: people from high school that I don't see very often, and two: it's a great way for me as a coach to connect with my players outside of seeing them in person,” softball coach Stacey Sharp explained.

      Golf coach Eric Heitkamp uses it for different reasons; “It's more about who I follow and the cool information I can get, the instant traffic alerts, the new CD's coming out, how my Cincinnati Reds are doing or whatever it may be that interests me. It's easy to follow that information and it's all in one spot.”

Twitter is beneficial in the sense that if it didn't exist, going to multiple websites would be the only way to receive that information.

In addition to being a database, Twitter is a source for laughter. Senior Ted Simmons explained that when he gets bored and goes on Twitter that he likes to see when people tweet humorous tweets that will make his day a little brighter.

Other tweets that may make someone’s day a little better is birthday wishes, inspirational quotes, and good news.

However, everything on Twitter isn't always kicks and giggles. Twitter can be a source of drama and to express complaints.

        Madi Endicott, senior, who doesn't have a Twitter account, shared an outsider’s viewpoint. “Sometimes I hear the phrase 'Oh, did you see what so-and-so tweeted last night?', 'I can't believe she or he said that' and that is where I view it in a negative way. People are saying stuff that maybe they don't want to say that in real life, like they are living two lives and they don't want it to intermix.”

People may tweet something they would never say to someone in person. Once something is posted, however, everyone has the opportunity to view it and it may not stay behind the computer screen. Twitter can cause division between people. Endicott stated that when she is around people that have a smart phone and she sees that they are on Twitter she feels left out.

Twitter is a constant need for some, which can interfere with relationships that are outside of the online world.

Twitter can also be a distraction to the face to face time people have with others. It can also take time away from school work.

Nichole Miller admits that if she didn't have a Twitter, then she would have more time for activities that are more beneficial for her. A lot of students get caught up in everything that is happening on Twitter, and it can become very time-consuming if they become addicted. Twitter can be a downfall to some and sometimes can just be plain ugly.

A subtweet is a tweet that is mostly negative towards someone, but doesn't name the person the tweet is about. And the ugly of twitter can be seen through a subtweet. People may not originally see it in a negative light, or think anything of it once they subtweet, but people could take offense to it.

Simmons explained that subtweeting makes the whole Twitter experience less enjoyable. Subtweeting can be a way for people to vent in a nonviolent way, but can end up being borderline bullying, and could be taken “too far.”

Fighting happens quite often on Twitter, and it can ruin a friendship, or relationship because people can easily jump to conclusions. Sharp shared that when scrolling through twitter she noticed that teenagers use it as a way to vent and they don't think about the repercussions of what could happen. Anyone can see what is being posted on the internet, so think before you tweet.

Twitter can make a powerful change in someone’s life whether it's positive or negative. Anyone that tweets has a chance to impact someone else in either a good, bad, or an ugly way.

Random Facts about Twitter:

  • The original name was “Twttr” but was later changed to Twitter.

  • 40% of people that have a twitter account have never sent a tweet

  • 60% of Twitter users are female

*Obtained by the Huffington Post