How Many Snow Days This Week?

posted Jan 5, 2014, 12:39 PM by Unknown user
Will I ever have to do my homework? Do I live in 
Alaska now? Can the school year just end now? 

In case you haven't noticed today, it's snowing. Not only is it snowing, but there's going to be a lot of heavy snow and high winds today and tonight with a strong storm system to our south. The biggest story on the news today will be the snow, but it's the dangerously low temperatures that I think will ultimately be more significant later on. But just how many snow days will we see this week? I wrote in a post last week that we could miss over half of this upcoming week, but will I be right? I think so. 

    The heaviest snow of the storm will fall somewhere between 4PM and 11PM this evening, and winds will slowly pick up throughout the overnight hours too. I'd expect Van Buren to see about 6-10" of snow by the time the storm ends. The snow alone would easily be enough to close school tomorrow morning, but the wind and cold temperatures that I expect by tomorrow morning virtually guarantee we will close at least once this week. 

The National Weather Service's Wind Chill Impact 
Chart. Wind Chills are expected to range from 
-20 to -50F through Wednesday. 
    Temperatures when you wake up tomorrow morning will be close to 0 degrees- and that's the warmest temperature you'll see for about a day and a half. By the time school would be letting out tomorrow afternoon, it should be a balmy -10F. As if that's not enough, it will probably reach close to -20F on Tuesday morning which would be one of the coldest temperatures ever recorded in Findlay history. The wind chills the next couple days will be around -30 to -50F. Yes, that's a negative sign there. 

    The amount of cold air I'm expecting is going to be extremely dangerous from Monday through Wednesday. If we do have school on Monday or Tuesday, please look at the chart to the left to see how long you should be able to safely stay outside. However, if these ridiculously cold temperatures don't manage to close school on Monday and Tuesday, I don't know what will.

    Snow days are great, but remember it's more important to be safe during this snowstorm and historic cold. 

My Official SnowDay Forecast- Monday: 

2 Hour Delay: 100%
Closing: 99% 

My Official ColdDay Forecast- Tuesday: 

2 Hour Delay: 95%
Closing: 95%     

My Official ColdDay Forecast- Wednesday: 

2 Hour Delay: 70%
Closing: 65%