Weekend Wrap-up

posted Dec 1, 2013, 2:57 PM by Unknown user
Tonight marks the last night of our Thanksgiving break. If you missed it, here's the highlights of what happened this weekend!

Yesterday, Ohio State came out on top over the Michigan Wolverines in a game that resulted in a 41-42 score.

Last night, Auburn made the comeback of the century narrowly defeating Alabama in a close match-up! The game ended when Auburn's corner back made an amazing 109 yard run.

Catching Fire and Disney's Frozen broke box office records this weekend. Catching Fire earned $75 million this week while Frozen opened with $67 million.

A panda cub in Washington D.C.'s National Zoo earned her name after city residents put in their votes. The panda's name is Bao Bao. 

To wrap up the news, a sad story unraveling in the Bronx. A train derailed injuring at least 67 people. Four others were killed.