Will We Have a Snow Day Friday?

posted Dec 5, 2013, 5:37 PM by Unknown user
    As the word of a new snowfall spread across the school like a wildfire today, many students (and teachers) couldn't help but wonder if they will wake up Friday morning to heavy snow and a school closing. The chance of an extended weekend and some extra sleep is always exciting, but I wouldn't be too hopeful that Van Buren sees a snow day tomorrow. As Van Buren's only (unofficial) meteorologist, I thought I would do my best to explain how much snow we will see and if we'll get the luxury of a snow day tomorrow. Contrary to popular belief, I do not have control over the weather, so please do not ask me why I did not make it snow more. 

    Here is my snowfall forecast from now until late Friday night. Two separate waves of snow will move through the area tonight and tomorrow, and Van Buren will likely see at least a couple inches of snow. We could see more if the storm moves just a few miles to the north. Unfortunately for people hoping for a delay or closing, the majority of the snow will fall after 11AM on Friday, which means most students will face the tough decision of paying attention in class on a Friday afternoon, or simply watching the snow fall outside the classroom windows. 

    There still is a chance that Van Buren would either delay or close, but I don't think either is very likely. 

My Official SnowDay Forecast: 

2 Hour Delay: 40%
Closing: 35%