Will We Have a Snow Day Thursday?

posted Jan 1, 2014, 4:38 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jan 1, 2014, 4:44 PM ]
It's going to snow. A lot. If you
forgot you had homework to do, 
today is probably your lucky day. 
    With less than 24 hours before school starts again, many students are just starting their homework or scrambling to finish a school project, looking for any way to buy a few more hours of time. Even though students at Van Buren have had the last two weeks off for Christmas break, I doubt many people would have complaints if our first week back from school was a day (or two) shorter. Our school week is only supposed to be two days long, but is there any chance it's going to be one day shorter?

    Despite the fact that it's probably not snowing outside your window right now, I think that this is the best chance we've had to see a snow day this year (it hasn't been 2014 very long). 

    Snow is slowly moving towards Van Buren this evening, and once it starts snowing around 9 or 10PM, it probably will not stop until the early afternoon tomorrow. As of right now, I'm expecting somewhere between 4-8" of snow, with most of the snow falling between 3AM and 9AM Thursday morning. Not only will there be snow falling, but strong winds will make roads snow covered and icy, no matter how many snow plows are on the streets in the morning.
What does this map even mean?
Do I still have to wake up early tomorrow? 
Seriously, do I need to do my 
homework yet? 

    Unless I'm completely wrong about how much snow falls tonight, I don't see a way that most schools across Hancock county can avoid closing tomorrow. It's going to be snowing all morning, the roads will not be in good shape, and it will be very windy all day. It may not be fun shoveling the snow in the morning, but it's the "perfect storm" for a school closing. 

My Official SnowDay Forecast: 

2 Hour Delay: 95%
Closing: 90% 

Note: During the next 7 scheduled school days, I would not be surprised if over half of them were cancelled. From heavy snow to "pray your car starts" cold, it's going to be a very long week.