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Drama in Van Buren: The Good Kind

posted Oct 30, 2013, 7:08 PM by Unknown user   [ updated May 8, 2014, 8:38 AM by Unknown user ]
Rachel Silver
Ian Kern

For the first time in school history, Van Buren is offering a drama club based off of just acting, unlike the 
school musical that the music department hosts. In the first meeting on Oct. 18, Mrs. Erickson, English teacher and now drama club advisor, described her expectations for the club and how things will begin. Auditions will be held on Nov. 6 and 7 from 3:30-5:30 p.m. Interested students can pick whichever of those days works best for them.

Erickson, being experienced in drama, decided that she should bring it to Van Buren. “I’ve taught drama in every other school that I’ve taught at, it’s been one of my courses, and I really had some kids show interest here and I had kids coming up to me and asking about it, because they knew my background. And I missed it, in my own life.”

Though she is an experienced actress, having acted in New York City and Chicago, Erickson is not the only drama lover in the midst of Van Buren High School.

Juniors Alyssa Miller and Brice Armstrong are also involved in drama, though they came into it for different reasons.

“My great grandma was an actress in France,” said Armstrong, “and that inspired me, but I’ve always loved acting either way.”

“I’ve always enjoyed costumes, makeup, and just the idea of stepping into someone else’s shoes,” said Miller when asked how she came to be an actress. “Now I want to learn how to be a more sophisticated and professional actress.”

Though many students are interested, only 10 will be accepted into the club.

“I know that the thought is ‘why not let everyone come who wants to come, but I think that it’s really important for a core group of students to understand the fundamentals of acting, and from there we can expand, so I really wanted to start small because I want to do it right,” said Mrs. Erickson. “I want to give these students the best that I can give them, and therefore, I think that it’s important to have 10 students who are really committed. I am open to it growing in the future, but I want it to grow well.”

This is only the beginning for the drama club and Mrs. Erickson is going into it with some set expectations. “The first year I hope to just lay a really strong foundation. Learning about acting and improvisation techniques, learning about the craft, how to do it with respect and integrity, and hopefully my goal is to have a small show during the year.”