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Good to go? Or another levy no?

posted Oct 23, 2014, 10:43 AM by Unknown user

Emily Anderbery

On the November ballot, the Van Buren School Board will present its plan for a new school for a second time, all who live in the district have the opportunity to vote yes or no on the levy. The new plan accommodates over one thousand one hundred students in the high school and middle school. The problems that will be addressed are the electrical wiring, water systems, heating and cooling systems, the lack of usable classrooms, parking, and a gym. The cost of the new school would be 28.8 million over a span of thirty years.

Superintendent, Mr. Meyers has been pushing for the issue for months. At sporting events the levy’s plan is being presented, if there are any questions, Meyers will explain the process to anyone. As a member of the Board of Education, he is a strong advocate for Van Buren’s need for a new school.

According to the previous levy, the 1981 building, or the middle school, was meant to be converted into academic offices. The middle school students were going to be put into a new part of the school which was to be built. The plan has changed since the previous spring levy, and many throughout the district hope to help the school change, along with others who still are skeptical of the process.  

Teachers like History and Government teacher, Mr. Obenour, are hoping for a place where “the students can learn in a safe and educational environment”. The levy is hoping to achieve a place where students and the Van Buren district can grow. Obenour said, “People in the district are looking out for the best interest of the students, and if a new school will help Van Buren to grow, then people will jump at the chance to give the levy the extra push.”

The November election will decide whether or not Van Buren moves forward with the levy.