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Sonnenberg Wins $1,000 at State Conference

posted Oct 22, 2013, 1:36 PM by Unknown user   [ updated May 8, 2014, 8:32 AM ]

Alisa Warren

    Van Buren junior Chance Sonnenberg was recognized on Sunday, Oct. 6 at the 2013 Ohio Circulation Conference in Perrysburg for his outstanding services in being a carrier for The Courier.

    Sonnenberg, recipient of the Glenn L. Cox Carrier of the Year Award, is also a captain of the wrestling team, member of the soccer and baseball teams, and student council treasurer. He admitted being nervous about presenting a speech at the conference with Ohio Governor John Kasich in attendance, but he was excited to receive this honor.

    “I mean, I got to get a thousand bucks, which is half of my year's paycheck,” said Sonnenberg.
Paper-carrying has earned him this significant award as well as a paycheck he enjoys, but the job requires a lot of diligence, especially with the excellent service he provides for his customers.

    “I wake up around 5 o' clock and roll the papers,” Sonnenberg described his routine. “If it's raining outside, I put them in a plastic bag; if not, I just deliver them. I don't throw the papers like on the TV shows; I place them on the doorstep, and then I get home around 6:30 and then either take a nap, or get ready for school.”

    The 58 house route Sonnenberg is responsible for has been passed down from his family members, and has a history of very low complaint rates.

    “Well, [my whole family] did it, then my brother started doing it by himself, and I started doing half the route. My brother Chad got a job, so I got the route around four or five years ago,” said Sonnenberg.

    To anyone interested in taking on this task of newspaper carrying, Sonnenberg advised, “It's pretty time consuming and rough on everyday life because if you get home late, you only get a few hours of sleep which isn't really good for you.”

    But for those that are willing to make the sacrifice, he sees it as a nice source of income for many, especially athletes, who may only have time in the morning for work.

    Despite the sacrifices he makes, this award-winning newspaper carrier finds this job rewarding, and will continue to do it throughout high school.