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Top Notch Brands for Low Prices

posted Oct 30, 2013, 7:06 PM by Unknown user

Paige Sudlow


         Plato's Closet officially opened on Thursday, Oct. 24! The store is new to the Findlay area and is located right beside Once Upon a Child. Some describe it as a “teenage goodwill” as it sells gently used name brand clothing to both young men and women.

Store owner Amanda Overmyer explained that she wanted to open Plato's Closet when she started Once Upon a Child about six and half years ago, but Plato's didn't have rights to territory in the Findlay area. After asking permission in January 2013 for the third time from corporate headquarters of Plato's Closet in Minneapolis, Minnesota, they finally decided to let Amanda open a store in Findlay.

Ashley Overmyer, VB senior and Amanda's daughter offered help to open Plato's Closet.

Ashley is one of the three supervisors at Plato's Closet, and she admitted that it can get a bit stressful for the amount of hours she has to put in. She knew that this responsibility was going to take up a good portion of her free time; however, she loves being a part of Plato's Closet.

Ashley stated, “I love the environment and working with people that are my age. Most of our customers will be our age as well, so those factors have a lot to do with why I enjoy it so much.”

Employees and VB seniors Robyn Flick and Jon Rafferty agree that they love the atmosphere of the store. Rafferty explained that it's fun to work there, but he also knows when he needs to be serious and get down to business.

Along with the working process, Ashley was asked about being the supervisor of some of her classmates and how she felt about it. She replied, “I feel like we're a team, I look at it as we're a family that has to get something done.”

The staff of Plato's Closet is continuing to build that family base, and hopes that it'll draw customers in, and make them want to come back again.