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“Can I be your Shadow?” Sophomore Shadow Day

posted Apr 16, 2014, 6:51 PM by Unknown user   [ updated May 12, 2014, 8:37 AM by Unknown user ]

Alli Arthur

On Thursday, April 10, Van Buren High School may have noticed a lack of sophomores throughout the hallways. While many filled the classrooms daydreaming, the sophomores were taking the first steps in following their dreams as they shadowed professionals of their prospective careers.

Each year in the spring, Van Buren sophomores participate in “shadow day,” As a part of the English 10 curriculum, allowing sophomores to take a peek into what their dream jobs entail by following the professionals during a work day. These people can be anything from nurses to aviation specialists.

Before the sophomores could begin the job searching process, they were required to prepare a professional resume. These resumes were to include all of their high school achievements thus far. Each was to also include a cover letter, and the body of the resume itself. After this was finished, students began to contact the professionals of their choice.

Sophomore Jared Smith came into contact with Matt, the supervisor of aviation of the Marathon oil plant in Findlay. The supervisor of aviation of a company watches over the air transport of a company’s products, making sure everything in the air runs smoothly for a company.

Smith expressed, “Shadowing Matt helped me understand what goes into being a supervisor of aviation, and how I can prepare for it.” Smith said that he possibly sees himself with this career in his adult life.

“I think being a supervisor of aviation could be very rewarding,” said Smith. “There is a lot of job security since there aren’t many people going into the field, which is something I would enjoy.”

Sophomore Samantha Hagans went the medical route for her shadow day. Samantha shadowed an obstetrics (OB) nurse at Blanchard Valley hospital. An OB nurse is a nurse that takes care of women and babies during the labor and delivery process of childbirth.

Hagans said, “I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do when I grew up, but this solidified it.” She also expressed that she thoroughly enjoyed visiting patients. During her visit, Hagans even got to watch the labor and delivery process first-hand.

After the sophomores shadowed their dream jobs, they were expected to create a five-minute presentation about the profession they chose and why as well as a paper to go along with their experiences. Overall, the sophomores enjoyed their shadow day experiences, especially with some work experience under their belts.