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A New Coach a New Beginning

posted Nov 20, 2014, 8:01 AM by Unknown user

Emily Anderbery

The Perrysburg native made his way over to Van Buren, Ohio after hearing through the “grapevine” of a high school girls’ basketball coaching opportunity. Twenty two years of coaching experience has prepared Shawn Ginnan for the Lady Black Knights head coach position.

Ginnan has coached boys and girls alike. He has coached programs at the college level and high school level. Not only is Ginnan qualified as a basketball coach, he has a history of being involved in volleyball, football, baseball, and softball programs. As well as coaching, Ginnan works as a special needs teacher.

Ginnan hopes to introduce the Lady Black Knights to a program that is built upon perseverance, hard work, and a competitive drive.

“I can’t wait to see them grow as people and players, to see how much they have improved as players from the beginning to the end is a gift in its own,” said Ginnan.

Seniors Nichole Miller (captain) and Rachel Wymer discuss Ginnan’s demeanor and actions. Wymer said, “he is so patient and quirky.” Miller said, “I enjoy the way he coaches, I’m always on my toes about what he’s going to say to me.” Both Miller and Wymer look forward to seeing what Ginnan has to offer the program, and they appreciate his unique personality.

To all high school athletes Ginnan advises: enjoy it while you can, and have fun. It goes fast and you are going to miss it. Accomplish all that you can, and be proud of what you do.

See Coach Ginnan and the Lady Black Knights in action on Friday, Nov. 28, 2014, for their first game as they take on Woodmore.

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