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Athlete Exemption

posted Oct 23, 2014, 6:08 AM by Carlee Schmelzer
Carlee Schmelzer

Some schools around our area have adopted a new policy. These schools are allowing student athletes and marching band members to be exempted from taking a regular gym class and instead are given credit based on interscholastic varsity sport involvement.  Many stipulate athletes must play at least two seasons of a varsity sport to qualify for exemption.

    Van Buren’s Board of Education has reviewed and denied this policy several times.  . While Van Buren’s High School Principal, Mr. Brand, is in favor of athlete exemption, he believes other necessary skills are being taught in gym classes that aren’t being taught in varsity sports.

“Our Phys-Ed program teaches primarily life-time fitness sports, things that we don’t do in after school sports. If a football player was able to get credit for their class, then they really wouldn’t have any experience with other sports,” explained Brand.  Life-time sports include bowling, badminton, tennis, juggling and golf.

While the varsity sport exemption is not offered, Van Buren does offer a gym credit-flex.

“We offer Credit Flex for those kids that want to sidestep the classroom and taking up school time to take Phys. Ed, that way they can use the summertime to get that credit. Again, Credit Flex is dealing with

that life-time sports situation because kids can’t use their school sports

to count towards that credit,” concluded Brand.

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