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Behind the Mr. and Mrs.

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        This Valentine’s Day they’ll spend the day at school while students enjoy a romantic afternoon out with their significant other. But who will teachers call their Valentine and enjoy the romantic holiday with Friday evening? Even more important, who do they come home to every night and how did they end up together?

Mr. Bunn

Alli Arthur & Madi Endicott

        Van Buren was the scene behind Mr. and Mrs. Bunn’s love story as the two met through teaching here together. After finding out that Bridgett played volleyball, Mr. Bunn decided to make the move and eventually the two fell in love.

        “I fell in love with her because I saw the passion she had for her kids and the love she had for family and that’s what I wanted,” Mr. Bunn shared.

        He wanted to include Bridgett’s children, Selma and Vivian, in his proposal. When he proposed to her after a year of dating, he also “proposed” to the girls with candy rings. He wanted to make sure they knew they were an important part of his life, just as Bridgett had come to be.

        The couple are proud parents to three wonderful children (8-year-old Vivian, 6-year-old Selma, and 1-year-old Carter) and are expecting a baby boy (Everett) next month.

What makes a strong marriage? Faith, trust, openness, and caring for each other. Also when you can laugh at each other’s corny jokes.

Dating advice for students: Take your time and be patient. The right one will come. Just because you’re in high school, it doesn’t mean this is the love of your life. You want it to be forever, and that’s the big thing.

Mrs. Inbody

Madi Endicott

        A young Diana Musgrave didn’t expect anything more than a polite prom date out of Nick Inbody, but after 8 years of dating it was obvious that they were meant to be.

        As high school sweethearts, Diana and Nick were inseparable; always supporting each other in their sports and even overcoming their OSU-M

        “I’m more in love with him now than I’ve ever been before,” Mrs. Inbody stated.ichigan rival fandoms. Sports continue to be a big part of their relationship as both are now coaches for their Alma Mater, Arlington. The Buckeyes and Wolverines prove to be the only conflict in their relationship as they continue to grow in their love after 4 years of marriage.

How did he propose? We went on a trip to Mexico, and one of the nights we were there, he arranged a candle-lit, four-course dinner on the beach. At the end of the meal,the waiter delivered the dessert plate which said, “Will you marryed me?” written on it. The translation didn’t come throug

Dating advice for students:
There’s a quote that says ‘Love isn’t finding the perfect person, it’s seeing an imperfect person perfectly.’ Everyone is human, and real relationships aren’t fairytales. You have to be realistic. Maintaining a sense of humor makes the relationship so much more fun!h precisely, but of course I said “yes”.

Mrs. Keeran

Madi Endicott


    It was new kid Roger Keeran’s dark brown eyes and trumpet-playing skills that had a very young Denise Ewing falling for him in 

middle school marching band and every day since for 37 years.

        Mrs. Keeran knew right away that Roger was “the one” because of his good morals, kind heart, and funny personality. So after dating all through high school when Roger popped the question in a surprise glove-compartment proposal the night before her graduation, she said yes.

        Now they are proud grandparents to five grandchildren and Mrs. Keeran said their marriage is stronger than ever.

Who said “I love you” first? He said it in Spanish! He was taking Spanish and I can remember the Spanish teacher was a family friend and I asked what that meant and she said, ‘you’re too young.’

Dating advice for students: If you can’t take him home to meet your grandpa don’t date him.


Abby Shroll

        Mr. Bartlett met his wife, Deb, in college at Michigan State University and knew she was the one the moment he saw her.

        He stated, “She was the cutest girl in music theory class--and the smartest.”

           The two go on many adventures together after 40 years of marriage and two kids. He even refers to her as “his travel buddy”. They have been to France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, England, and many other places together, and plan on embarking on many more.        He helped her out in the class and the two eventually decided to go out on a date. On this date they saw the movie MASH and dated 3 years before tying the knot. He proposed by hiding a champagne bottle behind the bushes and getting down on his knee, which he claims to be a must for all guys out there.

When did you realize you were in love with your wife? Love at first sight, really it was the first time I saw her. “Coup de foudre” aka “I was struck by lightning.”

Do you have any nicknames for your wife? “My little cabbage”, which is really a term of endearment. Who doesn’t want to be referred to as a cabbage?

Mrs. Archer

Abby Shroll

        What started as a high school romance, the two being fifteen and sixteen years old when meeting, blossomed into a love story for the books. Mrs. Archer met her husband, Luke, at Lakeside, Ohio along with her sister and friends.

        She walked up to him and used the line, “My sister wants to know how old you are.” His tall height was the first thing that caught her eye, while Luke noticed how good-looking she was.

        Soon after the two met, Luke asked her father if he could write letters to her as they lived in different places and attended different high schools. They eventually wrote hundreds of letters to each other, spent thousands of hours on the phone, and went on dates when possible. He even made cassette tapes for her to listen to when she missed him.

        Eight years and many letters later, the two got married after Luke proposed at the top of the Marblehead lighthouse in Marblehead, Ohio.

        The Archers currently have two kids and are right on target to a fairytale marriage.

What movie/song/book/poem best describes your love story? The song “At Last” by Etta James because we waited for a lot of things throughout our relationship leading up to the wedding day.

Dating advice for students: Write letters. Also, every morning when you get up see if there is something you can do for the person that they wouldn’t do themselves.

Mr. Rader

Madi Endicott

        A young and indecisive John Rader seemed to be clueless in the realm of love and dating before his wife Rachel came into the picture. But after she showed up, all he thought about was her.

        Though it took him a year to realize he was in love with her and five more years to finally pop the question, Mr. and Mrs. Rader’s relationship is full of acts of love, as he brings Mr. Lee’s home for her at least once a week, buys her flowers once a month, and even lets her choose the family night movie.

        After being married 28 years they have both excelled in the teaching world and reside in Cory Rawson (their Alma Mater) where they’ve raised three boys together.

How did you first ask her out? She worked at an ice cream parlor and after she made my milkshake, I asked if she wanted me to take her home after work on my motorcycle.

Most embarrassing thing you’ve done in front of her? One date we were riding my three-wheeler. I was trying to impress her and flip it back on the back two wheels, and flipped it on her. I was trying to be the man, but I kind of crushed her; that wasn’t good.

Mrs. Stahl

Madi Endicott

        Though their favorite thing to do for a date was watch scary movies, Mrs. Stahl and her husband’s love story is nothing like a horror film. Af

ter meeting for the first time in a Pizzeria the two officially started dating when they were 18, and not much later Mrs. Stahl knew 

it was love.

        They decided to get married without a huge ceremony, but the small wedding had no effect on their marriage as they will be celebrating 40 years together this Dec. 28.

At what moment did you fall in love with your husband? When we were at Van Buren park walking across the dam in front of a waterfall, and I g

ot something in my stomach, like butterflies.

Describe your love story in one word: Exciting

Ms. Bowersox

Jess Cunningham

        Susie Bowersox never thought she’d fall for “that guy,” who she affectionately referred to as Joely. They met in college, through their roommates. He quickly became her best friend, a person she could always depend on. And eventually, he developed a thing for her.

        However, Ms. Bowersox was already in a relationship and had no true interest in him. It took years and years of persistence on Joel’s part until she finally understood the true chemistry between them.

        Years later, after fighting distance due to his job, they’ve still managed to make it work. This November will bring about another big step in their relationship, as they’ll be getting married!

        The proposal itself is a cute story: Joel was working a job out in Arizona and Ms. Bowersox went to visit him. He told her they’d
be going hiking, but wouldn’t stop to let her buy tennis shoes before they went, so she had to do it in cowboy boots. Irritated, Ms. Bowersox admitted to being a tad grumpy. Then, she came to find they were hiking a full mountain. After a long and tedious trip, they got to about 1200 feet and were able to sit in silence together and enjoy the romantic view.

        Once they climbed back down, and she apologized for her bad mood, Joel asked her to marry him by saying, “After that journey will you marry me?” And the rest is history.

When did you realize you were in love? I think deep down I always loved Joel, but never realized it. Sometimes when you take a deeper look at somebody it’s what is in the inside that makes them attractive. I think that once I finally was able to see past the end of my nose and see how great of a person he could be is when I finally realized that I was in love with him.

Any embarrassing moments? The one and only thing that stands out is this time in college: We had been studying at his apartment and I was leaving to walk home. I went to walk down the stairs to the front door to leave and could not find the light switch at the top of the stairs; I missed the first step at the top of the stairs and fell all the way to the bottom of the stairs. Sixteen wooden stairs! I’ll never forget that…he’ll never let me forget that!