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Helpful Tips for Prom Goers

posted Apr 16, 2014, 7:46 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Apr 17, 2014, 8:29 AM by Unknown user ]

Kristin Conner

Girls, are you still looking for that perfect prom dress? What are you going to do with your hair, makeup, and nails? And guys: do you know where you’re going to get your tux? Will you have a vest with it? Here’s a guide to help you with all of your last second worries.

This year’s prom, with the theme of Central Park, will be held at Owens Community College in the room where the ACT is taken, May 10 at 8 p.m.. Post-prom will be held at Van Buren. While most of the activities have yet to be disclosed, a unique twist to this years prom will be a photo booth that will be for Instagram users to hashtag their pictures so that everyone with an Instagram can view the photos. There will also be props.

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Where to find your dress:


If you have not found that perfect dress yet, here are some stores that have a section specifically for prom:

  • Dillards

  • Trends on Main

  • Windsor

  • Macy’s (there are only a few choices)

Don’t feel like going out to find a dress? You can also buy or rent online at plenty of websites. Here are a few:





At Dillards and Macy’s, the dress prices will be affordable for girls looking traditional dresses full of lace and sparkle. However, Trends on Main and the other prom dress websites can get on the expensive side but will be full of glam and sparkles.

Where to get your tux:


While getting a tux must seem a lot simpler than buying a dress, there are still some important things to remember. If you are renting the tux, go at least a week or so (maybe earlier) before the prom and get measured and you should be able to get it by prom.

It is typically cheaper from a teenagers viewpoint to rent a tux, but if you can see yourself wearing another tux in the near future, it might be cheaper to buy the tux so that you don’t have to go in and spend a high amount of money again.


If the tux gets damaged or an article from the tux is missing, there will be an extra fee to be paid. When returning the tux, typically you return the next day, but if the event is on the weekend, the employer will ask to please wait to return the tux until Monday.

There aren’t as many tuxedo places as there are stores with dresses. Check out these places when ready to rent:

  • American Commodore Tuxedo (In the mall)

  • Lace and Elegance Bridal (on Route 224)

Where to eat:


For a large party looking for great food and service, go to one of these five restaurants that prom goers in the past are mostly seen at

If you’re looking for a restaurant to eat at and want it to be extravagant, try eating at a steakhouse such as:

  • Texas Roadhouse

  • Outback Steakhouse

  • Tokyo Steakhouse (if you’re in the mood for Asian food)


If you want to go out, but don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can go to the simpler family-style restaurants such as:

  • Applebee’s

  • Cheddars

Cheddars and Texas Roadhouse do not take reservations.


Really looking to save some money? Stay home and have a parent cook a three-course-meal. It’s a comfortable environment, simple, and it’s cheap. Ideas for what to eat if you’re staying in for dinner are grilled chicken, homemade macaroni and cheese, or a pizza.

If you want the dinner to seem extravagant, serve a salad first, and then have an “exquisite” dessert such a chocolate fudge cake or a twist on the Cheddar’s classic, the cookie monster.

Hair, makeup, and nails:


Many girls start thinking about what they’re going to do with their hair months in advance for prom, but for those who do not, a helpful tip would be to know what hairstyles fit best with your dress.

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  • Strapless dress- technically all hairstyles look good, but what will look best is if the hair is all down. It can be straight or curly.

  • One shoulder- put all your hair on the opposite shoulder

  • Straps- hair is half up, half down

  • Halter neckline- wear all your hair up


For makeup, there are definitely a lot of choices. Do you go bold, or do you go subtle? Easiest makeup choice is to go with eyeliner, mascara, a light shade of eye-shadow, close to nude lip gloss, and a little foundation to cover up those blemishes.


If you’re one of those girls that does want her makeup to be bold, do it! Put on that red lipstick and a popping shade of eyeshadow, but not too heavy.

The last thing on the to-do list is nails. The best way to decide what to do with your nails is to choose a color and style that will go best with your dress. Black, white, or gray dress? Choose a bold color that will really stand out. A dress that is blinged out? Try going with a French-tip manicure. It’s classy, yet simple, and will go beautifully with any color.

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Keep in mind what you’re wearing and how you accompany that. If your dress is somewhat simple, go big on the makeup and nails. If your dress is really extravagant, go simple with your makeup and nails.

Last-second decisions are quite stressful, but with this guide, choices should be a breeze and your prom will be great!