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Mrs. Cianciolo's Love Story

posted Feb 6, 2015, 4:53 AM by Unknown user

Morgan Drake

Tired of being set up with people she didn’t like by her friends, Mrs. Cianciolo went to the internet with hopes of finding true love. There, she met her husband Tony,

“We met online actually. We met and went on a blind date basically. He was a teacher at Bellefontaine so he would always drive to Findlay and we

would go on some dates and then we fell in love.” After dating for 10 months, her husband decided to pop the question.

Knowing Mrs. Cianciolo’s love for easter egg hunts, he sent her on her own personal hunt. He left notes all around Findlay from throughout the time they had been dating. He left one at Panera, where the two would go after church to talk about the sermon, and had already paid for a bagel and coffee by the time she got there. He also left one at Mrs. Archer’s house, where they  had house sat.

Finally at the end of the hunt, Mrs. Cianciolo found her husband at Riverside park, where he proposed.

They were engaged for another 10 months before tying the knot. This June will mark 4 years of marriage. They have two children, Anthony and Annalise.

When did you know you were in love? After about 4 months of dating

Dating advice for students: If you’re a girl make sure that the guy treats you really well. Expect decent manners. Be completely present, don’t let technology take over. Also don’t ask each other out over technology...nobody ever does things face to face because that’s the nervous way to do it. Be brave and do things face to face. Just have fun, don’t take it too seriously, you’re in high school. You have your whole life to be serious about stuff like that.