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Senior Spotlight: Bree Starr

posted Oct 30, 2013, 7:05 PM by Unknown user

Rachell Resnik

          Fall is a busy time of the year for many student athletes, but senior Bree Starr doesn’t play games, she hunts for game.  Starr, an avid hunter since the age of three, spent Oct. 9th to the 14th in snowy Colorado on a elk hunt. This was no ordinary kill though, Starr shot, skinned, and gutted a 600 pound elk.

Starr’s adventures don’t stop there. In addition to hunting, she also volunteers much of her free time at the hospital as a candy-striper, which is someone who assists the nursing staff by doing non-medical tasks like spreading cheer around the hospital.

This outdoorsy girl is on target for accomplishing her goals, which includes a trip back to Colorado next year and further in the future, a career in  Dental Hygiene. Check out the next edition of the KnightWriter to read more about her trip!

Favorite Candy? Snickers

Favorite Holiday? Christmas

Favorite Animal? Zebra

What is your favorite place to hunt? At my cabin in Southern Ohio because we plant food plots and put hard work into making the deer big and healthy. It’s very rewarding when we accomplish that goal and get a big deer.

Favorite hunting memory? My elk hunt because it was something my dad went completely out of his way and we drove 23 hours just to hunt there just for me. He guided me through the hunt and taught me everything I need to know about elk and hunting in Colorado. He showed me around and after sitting out for 11 hours the first day and seeing nothing, I finally got a cow the next morning and it was an amazing experience being out in the woods, camping and having to rough it for a week.

What do you do in your free time besides hunting? I like to hang out with my friends and family, and do outdoor things.