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Senior Spotlight: Bryce Bowers

posted Oct 23, 2014, 5:22 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Nov 4, 2014, 10:40 AM ]

Alyssa Miller

Bryce Bowers’ senior soccer season is coming to a close with a 9-5-3 record. The team won their first two tournament game against Delta on Saturday Oct. 18 and Maumee Valley on Wednesday Oct. 22.  They play next on Saturday Oct. 25 against Swanton at Ottawa Hills.

Bowers having four assists and three goals throughout the season helped lead his team as one of the five captains. “I’m pretty loud so I tell them what to do. I’m definitely the most vocal (captain),” he says.

Bowers has previously been involved in choir, show choir, and wrestling.  He took some time off from those extracurricular activities this year to focus on school and soccer. Bowers says he is sad about the soccer season coming to a close because he will miss his teammates and the sport but wants to get a job to keep himself busy.

Bowers plans to attend BGSU tuition free because of his grandmother’s employment at the university. He wants to double major in athletic training and exercise science. “These majors are what will help me eventually be a personal trainer,” he explains.

In Bowers’ spare time, he enjoys listening to rock ‘n’ roll music, hanging out with friends, and working out.

What do you enjoy most about soccer? Bonding with my team.

Ladies love the way you dress. Where is your favorite place to shop for your clothes? Express.

What is your favorite high school memory? My freshman year during soccer season we made it to regional finals and I started that game. It was a pretty big deal.

If you could have one teacher as a parent, who would you chose and why? Mr. Rader because he seems like he is a really good parent. He would have a lot to teach me.

What is your biggest pet peeve? When people start something but don’t finish it.