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Senior Spotlight: Collin Hiatt

posted Feb 26, 2014, 5:31 PM by Unknown user   [ updated May 13, 2014, 8:18 AM by Unknown user ]

Brice Lawerence

        You may not see Collin in between classes because of his involvement in Millstream’s Auto Tech Program, but he is an active member of Van Buren’s FFA. As FFA president over the last two years, Hiatt holds a “7-inch stack of certificates” that he has been awarded throughout his FFA time, which includes Star Greenhand, Star Chapter, District Tractor Troubleshooting, Greenhand Degree, and Chapter Degree to name a few.

Although FFA and his job as a mechanic at Peterbilt take up most of his time, Hiatt is a 3-year letterwinner in football, where he played middle linebacker and right guard, while garnering an All-BVC Honorable Mention.

In his free time, Hiatt enjoys riding fourwheelers and snowmobiles.

Hiatt knows a lot about semi truck from the work at Peterbilt and his Millstream involvement and plans to go to the University of Northwest Ohio to pursue a career in Diesel Ag Tech. After graduation he is considering starting his own business.

What are some events that FFA does? We do tractor trouble shooting competitions where they bug a tractor and we try to fix it. We do soil judging, which is telling what kind of soil it is. We also do sales like fruit sales and jerky sales and we do a lot of fun activities during class.

Do you plan on going to the State Convention? I could go. Eight to ten people every year get to go. Everybody who wants to go 

signs up, and grades and seniority are factors. I plan on going.

What is your all-time favorite FFA memory? Being FFA president my junior and senior years. It’s been a great time ever since.

Who do you look up to most? My grandpa. He taught me a lot of things.

Favorite food: I’d have to go with a medium-rare steak. You don’t need steak sauce if the steak is grilled right, but if I have to choose, give me A1. Then some cheesy potatoes.