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Senior Spotlight: Isaac Sexton

posted Feb 20, 2015, 11:09 AM by Unknown user

Emily Anderbery


Isaac Sexton is the perfect package. He plays three sports at Van Buren High School including football, wrestling, and baseball and is a member of the National Honor Society. Isaac remains at the top of the Senior class as the Valedictorian and he has a permanent residence on the “All ‘A’ Honor Roll.”

Sexton’s senior football season was a successful one, with a winning season, and the first Week 11 and 12 in Van Buren Football history. Sexton was a team captain for the Black Knights, and a strong asset to both offense and defense as the team’s starting defensive tackle and center.  His teammates look up to Sexton as a leader and a true and humble personality.

With wrestling season being among us Isaac wishes to go to state and win a placement there. He dominates the mats after winning the Blanchard Valley Conference last weekend and 34-1 record, the Black Knights have high hopes for him the rest of this season. After wrestling Sexton will be the first baseman for the baseball team.

Although Isaac loves his classmates and will miss them, he is excited to go to college. Sexton will be attending Dayton and compete on the football team, he will major in Engineering. He credits his success in high school to his friends, family, coaches, and teachers.

Fun Facts about Isaac:

  • Can bench press 435 lbs.

  • Is the best pectoral dancer at Van Buren

  • Has never been in a fight despite his outrageous strength

  • His cartoon equivalent is Moto Moto from Madagascar II

Who is the perfect woman? Scarlett Johansson

What is the most underrated movie you have seen? Division III: Football’s Finest

How do you contain your Hulk-like strength? Kryptonite

What is your favorite TV show? Friends

What song do you love to sing in the car? Dirt by Florida Georgia Line

Blonde or Brunette? Brunette

What is something that people don’t know about you? I love animals

If you could be a care bear, which one would you be? I would be a blue one with a rainbow on my tummy.