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Senior Spotlight: Kaitlyn Kniss

posted Jan 9, 2015, 7:58 AM by Unknown user

Alyssa Miller

Kaitlyn Kniss, a four-year member and dance captain of Van Buren’s show choir The Association, plans to lead the group to success throughout their competition season which officially begins in January.  The class C group already had their first competition at the Ada Music feast on Nov 8, 2014 where they placed sixth overall and won their class, taking home multiple trophies. Kniss said of making finals at Ada, “It felt good to go to Ada for the last time and make finals.”

When talking about this year, Kniss tells fans to look forward to a fresh, new season. The group has doubled in size and there is a theme (50s rock ‘n’ roll), which is uncommon.

Although Kniss enjoys performing and leading the group, she says there are challenges that come with being dance captain, like getting everyone on board. But overall, Kniss believes it is a positive experience. “I enjoy sharing my knowledge and past experiences with the younger members to help them become better performers,” she says.

Along with her involvement in show choir, Kniss is also active in varsity choir, women’s chorus, All-County choir, District 3 choir, and solo & ensemble contest. She is the Van Buren Vocal Music president and the FFA treasurer.  Kniss was also a part of Van Buren’s production of The Sound of Music her freshman year and Bye Bye Birdie her junior year.

In Kniss’ free time, she enjoys showing horses, sewing, hanging out with friends, and being a shopaholic.  “I have a problem,” she says about her shopping addiction.

She plans to attend either Kent State University of the University of Findlay to major in public relations. “I enjoy working with people and organizing things,” she states.

If you were stranded on an island, what three things would you bring with you and why? My phone so I could call for help, my swimsuit since I will be on the beach, and sunscreen because I burn easily.

Which competition is your favorite and why? Twinsburg because it has amazing food and the competition is intense.

Where is your favorite place to shop? Forever 21

What is your favorite number (song) this year and why? I like the opener (“Rock ‘N’ Roll is Here to Stay”) because the energy is really high and I love my dance partner, McClain Brown.

If you could have one teacher as a parent, who would you chose and why? Mrs. Schwemley because she is practically my mom already.

What makes you happiest? When my outfit is on point.