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Senior Spotlight: Michelle Flanagan

posted Mar 27, 2014, 4:58 AM by Unknown user   [ updated May 12, 2014, 8:42 AM by Unknown user ]
Jess Cunningham

Michelle Flanagan can be seen as easily running through the woods as she can singing on stage. Throughout high school, she has been involved in band, choir, show choir, cross country, track, Black Knight Breakfast Club, JSA, and NHS. With all these extracurricular involvements, she still manages to carry notable grades as she has been recognized as an Academic All-Ohio Athlete.

Michelle has lettered four times in cross country and three times in track, and holds the 3200 meter run and the 4X800 meter relay school records.

“The most rewarding part [of track and cross country] is it’s so much on you; it’s so individual. Every time you beat your best time and run faster, it’s the greatest feeling in the world,” Michelle said.

Two years ago, Michelle took a mission trip to Haiti through her church. Of the experience she said, “it was interesting that [Haitian citizens] were still really compassionate and so happy despite having hardly any opportunities. It motivated me to stop complaining about school because at least I had a chance to go.”

Michelle has been a member of The Knight Writer for two years, and is an editor on the staff this year. In fact, she plans to major in Journalism or some English-related field at a currently undecided college. She said, “I want to be able to experience and share things in this world that other people might not have the chance to.”

Favorite song you ever performed in your musical endeavors and why? “Transylvania Mania” because it was very upbeat and old-style broadway and the dance moves. At first, it was pretty hard because there were lots of particular dance moves but they were the fun type you don’t normally do. It was fun learning it and perfecting it and watching the people go crazy.

Most memorable moment in cross country? Cross country is almost too much, too many memories. District and regional run-throughs for cross country were always hilarious, though. We always went to dinner afterwards and kind of made fools of ourselves but in a good way. Looking back, all my teammates are my family.

What do you do in your spare time? I read a lot. I like working out, and on the weekends I'm usually out with my friends doing something...oftentimes it involves food.

Best part about senior year? Senior year is a lot of things, and it's way more stressful than most people would like to admit. But I think the best part is that you know it's the last time. And since you know that, typically we're all trying to do everything that we can, and taking more chances, because you realize that this is it, this is your last chance. It's got a different perspective than any other year.

Weirdest talent? I can wiggle my ears! That's about it, though.

If you could say one thing to a huge room of people, what would it be? Don't be afraid, just go. We let fear hold us back from being great, or from quitting the job we hate, or from telling someone you love them. And that's stupid. Who cares if you fail, at least you tried. Of course, that's easy in theory but not in practice. It's an important concept, though.