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Senior Spotlight: Robyn Flick

posted Feb 12, 2014, 2:02 PM by Unknown user
Kristin Conner

She’s seen in the halls as the girl with the tightly curled hair, but she goes by Robyn Flick. Inside of school, Robyn participates in student council, NHS, JSA, freshmen mentoring, and is a 3-year letterwinner in softball. Outside of school, she participates in Gliding Stars, candy striping, and is an active member of her church.

      With all of these activities, Robyn still has time to focus on her schoolwork and maintain her 4.0 GPA.  She will be attending Ashland University this fall and plans to major in nursing. When she graduates from college, she would like to be a CRNA (nurse anesthetic).

      Robyn joined Gliding Stars because she loves to ice skate and volunteer for things and she thought Gliding Stars offered both in a fun experience. She is also very fond of her star. The stars will showcase their annual performance on March 16, 2014.

“I look forward to seeing her every day. When she smiles, she just lights up my heart,” she said.

What do you love most about softball? The team, because we all get along and it’s nice to spend time with the girls after a hard day of school. Everyone has their own unique personality and it all just blends together.

Why did you choose Ashland? I loved the campus and I just felt at home. They have a brand new nursing facility and that’s what drew me there. I also like how small it is.

Favorite nickname that people call you? Most unique is Ruben and my favorite is Roby.

Curly fries or straight fries? Curly, like my hair!

What’s your favorite animal? I’m such an indecisive person I don’t have a favorite anything. My top three would be dogs, fish, and horses.