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Stressing For Your Sweetheart

posted Feb 12, 2014, 4:42 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Feb 13, 2014, 8:40 AM ]
Paige Sudlow, Rachell Resnik, and Nichole Miller

Valentine’s Day is widely known to be the holiday of love, and for many Van Buren sweethearts, it can be a time of stress. The Knight Writer set out to answer many of the common Valentine’s Day questions, and hopefully relieve a little of the stress surrounding the idea of the “perfect gift.”

Many guys find themselves wandering around Walmart or the local candy store thinking, what do girls really want for this special holiday? Senior Daniel Roberts is entering the Valentine’s Day arena as a newbie, admitting, “I have never been dating anyone on Valentines Day; it’s a first for me, I'm nervous.”

Don’t worry, Daniel! It’s not as difficult as it seems, as many Van Buren girls simply want to spend time with their significant other. Sophomore Lauren Brown said, “I expect for [my boyfriend] Drew to make time for me, and that’s really it. I don’t expect anything grand, just his company.”

Maybe picking up a burrito from Chipotle or a box of chocolate isn’t a bad idea either. Freshman Alexis Kieffer isn’t complaining when it comes to this holiday, stating that, “I think Valentine’s Day gets more publicity than it should, but I enjoy it because I get chocolate.”

According to senior Sawyer Junge, though, it’s not so simple when it comes to finding the “perfect gift” for his significant other. He explains that he feels immense pressure when his girlfriend is asking months in advance about what their plans are going to be on Valentine’s Day, and all he wants to do is make his girlfriend happy.

Senior Alexa Piccirillo made a valid point, as she correlates the level of pressure with the kind of relationship a couple shares. “It kind of depends on the relationship you are in, some people’s relationship is more laid back and the guy doesn’t think it’s as a big of a deal. Other relationships are more lovey dovey; it just depends,” Piccirillo shared.

While many guys are feeling the pressure to get their girlfriends the perfect gift, many girls are struggling just to come up with a gift idea, which leaves many distraught females wondering, what do guys want on this holiday of romance and love?

Junior Drew Conner agreed with his girlfriend that he is just hoping for a enjoyable time with his girlfriend. Conner personally likes making this day about his girlfriend. “I enjoy coming up with things to do for my girlfriend: writing poems and buying flowers,” said Conner. “I am kind of a hopeless romantic type of person.”

This amount of effort exerted by Conner leaves his girlfriend feeling the pressure. “Drew can write poems and stuff and I’m not as good with words like he is,” said Brown. “I want to get him something perfect.”

One thing Van Buren couples can all agree on is that the “perfect gift” simply depends on the person.

If you aren’t a love guru like Conner, or just completely forgot that the holiday of love was right around the corner; here are some simple, last minute gifts that could make anyone smile on this special holiday:

  • Make “love coupons” to show your other half that you care about them: dinner out, a movie date, or a simple one free hug coupon will do!

  • For the guys out there: the infamous box of chocolate and bouquet of flowers will catch the eye of any girl.

    If getting presents for each other is a no go…

  • Grab some cash and take your sweetheart to a fancy dinner and a movie.

  • Show some extra love and check out places to volunteer together.

    And if your favorite restaurant in Findlay packed?

  • Treat your significant other to the fine dining of a homemade meal and snuggle up to some Netflix!

    Don’t worry if money is limited, this holiday isn’t about material things,  simply showing your sweetie some love will make for the perfect Valentine’s Day!