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Student Teacher Feature

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Matthew Bado, Kristin Conner, Rachell Resnik, & Nikki Miller

With their stay at Van Buren coming to an end, the student teachers of Van Buren are preparing to officially start their career. They have been an important part of the classroom, helped teachers, and, at the same tim,e developed their own teaching abilities. Student teachers help students improve, while improving themselves and learning how to deal with students in classroom environment. Best of luck to all student teachers in their future endeavors.

Mr.Tommy Steinberger

Mr. Steinberger is the student teacher for Mr. Rader’s math class. He is a busy student teacher, as he’s majoring in not one, not two, but three different fields of study: mathematics, physics, and education and, on top of those, he has a

minor in astronomy.

Steinberger attends Ohio Northern University and after he graduates will attend West Virginia University to get his PhD in plasma physics. He became interested in teaching because he likes to help people and feels like they listen to them. Before coming to Van Buren, he was a jumper for his college and high school track teams.

From this experience and much help from Mr. Rader, Steinberger learned patience. “I have to be patient with some students so that they can learn better. I also learned a lot about the old parts of math, that I had forgotten, from Mr. Rader. In fact, he taught me everything and basically how to teach.”

Steinberger said he will miss Van Buren. “I love it here because the students are generally excited to learn and ask good questions. They’re also respectful and the staff is great.”

What all do you have to do to become a teacher? First, you have to have your content area covered meaning, for me, I have to be strong in math. Then you have to take several education courses. With each one, there are observations hours attached ranging from 20-30 hours that I have to do in a classroom and at different schools. After you pass your state exams and background check, then you can start student teaching. Then you get to be a teacher.

Favorite food: Hot wings

What do you love most about teaching? I like to think that I help people. I like the idea that something I say will inspire someone to be like “Hey, I’m gonna try this.”

Favorite holiday: Christmas, not because of presents but because it seems warm and happy.

Ms. Elizabeth Webb

Around the gym or in the health classroom, Ms. Elizabeth Webb has been a familiar face around the school for the past 15 weeks. Webb is a student teacher from Bluffton University for Mr. Masters and Mrs. Archer.

At Bluffton, Webb played center midfielder on the soccer team and also went on a trip to Trinidad through the cross cultural program. Originally from Ashland, Ohio, Webb became interested in teaching through her mother, who was a fourth grade teacher and is now a superintendent.

Before student teaching, she had to take four years of classes in her major of health and physical education and shadow a teacher from Lima City Schools for a semester. Webb was placed at Van Buren through her university’s education program.

Webb explained, “The experience here at Van Buren will help prepare me to get a job and learn what to do and not do in the classroom.”

Favorite workout: P90X

What are your pre and post workout snack? Pre would be a nature valley bar, and post would be bananas and peanut butter with Gatorade.

Favorite singer: Christian rapper- Lecrae

Describe the perfect day: Start with sleeping in, then going for a run or a bike ride, having dinner and spending time with my family, and ending the day with a walk with my dog.

Mr.Jared Brown

Attending the University of Findlay, Mr. Jared Brown is on his way to receiving a degree in education to become a teacher. Brown is student teaching under Mr. Shoup this year, which is a great match-up considering Mr. Brown hopes to be a football coach some day. Brown likes being around kids and said he has had a very good experience at Van Buren.

“It’s been awesome, I have really enjoyed it here. [Mr. Shoup] is a pretty awesome guy. The staff has been great and, of course, the kids are great, too,” he said.

Although one of his favorite parts about being a student teacher is having fun and interacting with the students, he mentioned the job does have its stresses. “The stress of going to college and also preparing lessons while doing that can be a lot. I have been taking class and spending a lot of time at Van Buren, also,” Brown said.

Mr. Brown still has steps to take in getting his degree. These steps consist of completing student teaching, taking two tests, and then applying for certification.

What have you learned from Mr. Shoup and your experience overall? I have learned how to plan for the days, expect the unexpected when it comes to teaching, go on the fly.

Favorite food: Chicken Wings

What is your biggest accomplishment so far in life? Graduating college will be huge.