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Student Teacher Feature: Ms. Edinger

posted Oct 9, 2014, 7:05 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Oct 12, 2014, 10:07 AM ]

The Real Life Disney Princess

Alyssa Miller

If you have walked through the art wing lately, you may have seen a bubbly, young lady in the choir room working on college homework during her free periods. Van Buren’s choirs have a new student teacher, Ms. Edinger. With lungs that could keep her alive for hours under sea and a voice that could calm a raging storm along with a personality best described as princess-like, Edinger is taking Van Buren’s music program by storm.  

Edinger, a BGSU student in her ninth semester, has been active in the classroom since her first day at VBHS teaching students and helping show choir with dance memorization and music.

Edinger, originally from Rochester, New York, first discovered her love for music in elementary school.  “I just loved music growing up. My favorite part of the school day was music class. I would go there during recess and play with the instruments. I think my positive experience in music classes inspired me.”

Edinger is also a classically trained opera singer. “I don’t sing exactly arias…. I sing with an operatic tone to my voice.”

Her interest for opera began when her vocal coach picked out arias, soprano opera solos, for her to sing.  “He was a college professor,” she reminisced. “He was very familiar with classical repertoire.”

Edinger is fluent in Italian so that music is her favorite to sing because “it is difficult but when I nail it, it is rewarding.”

“My favorite song right now is an aria from my recital. It is Je Veux Vivre from Romeo & Juliet. I have a light, high voice,” she says. “I like to show it off.”

Edinger took a year off of school to complete a college internship through the Disney College Program. She had a “unique” job there where she acted as a fairy godmother at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in the Magic Kingdom park. Her job was to transform young boys and girls into princes and princesses.  After returning to BGSU, she continued to pursue her degree in music education with a choral specialization.

Student teaching has exceeded Edinger’s expectations.  She has received a lot of support from Mr. Vaughn and is impressed with how the student body has responded to her. Edinger says what she likes most about teaching is when she sees growth in a student. Her biggest struggle is thinking on the spot and making quick adjustments.

Some of Edinger’s favorites include Frank Sinatra, popcorn, winter, the movie The Terminal, Disney World, and Beyonce. Her fears include insects, large animals, scary movies, and darkness.

Edinger’s closing remarks are to those interested in pursuing music as a career. “If music is your passion and you can’t imagine your life without it every day, then go for it.”