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A Student Athlete’s Secret Weapon

posted Feb 26, 2014, 5:17 PM by Unknown user   [ updated May 13, 2014, 8:34 AM by Unknown user ]

A Look at Student Athlete Moms Part II

Paige Sudlow & Madi Endicott

Every student athlete at Van Buren leads a busy schedule, but the person that keeps each of them on track is their mom. She not only puts dinner on the table or runs a practice jersey up to the school, she provides endless love and support which is what fuels a student athlete.

Though student athletes may act like it doesn’t matter to them if their mom is at their sporting event or not, many of them admitted that maternal support is important to them.

“She comes to all of my games. Even if they were in another country she would find a way to get there,” junior Draeton Fasone stated about his mother who he makes sure to “give a lot of hugs” to in order to show his appreciation for all that she does.

Junior Abbey Phillips pondered on the idea of her mother, who has been the team mom for the volleyball team the last 2 years, not being an active part of her sports. “I would probably lose my passion for my sports. My family, especially my mom, is what drives me.”

“My mom makes it to almost all of my sporting events,” freshman Justen Stall said about his mother’s support. “Seeing my mom in the stands motivates me to do my best because I want to make her proud.”

Of course, along with their unconditional support must come the thing every mom is known for: embarrassment. Moms are a student athlete’s number one fan, and the status provides the perfect opportunity for them to humiliate their child (at least according to the student athletes who admitted that their moms can be embarrassing at times).

Junior Ross Adolph and sophomore Bri Lasley described their moms as outgoing and loud. These characteristics show through when they are cheering, although maybe a little too much for the student athletes’ liking, as they both admitted that they get a little embarrassed when their moms yell while in the stands.

Fasone admitted that he notices his mom’s “crazy” behavior when she is in the crowd. “She is either dancing or yelling and there is no in between,” he joked.

Aside from being embarrassing at times, student athlete moms teach their kids valuable lessons and give them the confidence they need to be not just a strong athlete, but a strong person.

“My mom has taught me to never give up, and to always finish what I started,” Phillips stated and went on to say how her mother’s encouragement helps boost her self esteem.

Junior Jameson Jacobs explained that his mom emphasizes that the student should always come before the athlete and she doesn’t let him slack on academics.

With everything that a mother does for her student athlete, it may seem like the child is the one in charge, but in reality, a student athlete is the result of their mother’s consistent work and endless love.

As Lasley explained, “My mom is willing to do anything for me; if I ask her to get me something, she will get it for me, at any time.”

        A student athlete would not be the same without their mom. She is their secret weapon when it comes to keeping track of their busy schedule, making sure their jerseys are clean, and managing the stress that comes with being involved. VB athletics would not be the same without the selfless mothers that make sure each student athlete is their best.

Dear Moms,

Ross Adolph:  I love you. You’re a cool mom.

Abbey Phillips: Thank you for everything that you do, and always supporting and believing in Matt and me.

Brianne Lasley: Just thanks for doing everything for me and dealing with me through all my sports and getting me whatever I need.

Draeton Fasone: You are straight-up awesome!

Jameson Jacobs:  I love you!

Rachell Resnik: I honestly can’t thank you enough for my entire life. You’ve given me so much. You are the best mom ever!

Ted Simmons: Thanks for being there and supporting me through everything.

Mac Williams: Thanks for making sure the student always came first.

Erin Neall: I like how you push me through everything and you’re always there for me and I just want to thank you for that.

Daniel Roberts: Thanks for always supporting me in everything I do in sports and being at everything you can.

Rachel Wymer: Thank you for your selflessness and always supporting me. Love you!

Desirae Cooper: I love you, mommy! You’re my best friend, thanks for always being positive.

Lauren Wise: I love you, mom, and thanks for pushing me and supporting me.