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Mr. Hite is Looking Forward

posted Oct 2, 2013, 8:53 AM by KnightWriter VB   [ updated Oct 2, 2013, 4:43 PM ]
Brice Lawrence

    One of the newest members to the Van Buren staff is Mr. Hite, taking over as Athletic Director. Hite graduated from Findlay High School where he was the starting varsity quarterback and participated in track for four years. In college he played three years of football and baseball at Dennison University in Granville, Ohio. Besides achieving a Bachelor of Arts in Religion and Policital Science, he “was your typical jock.” The A.D. job was not one he had been considering since he was running a finance business in Findlay and was coaching the football team here for the last three years. After some encouragement from his colleagues here, he took the job. Hite said, “I wasn't looking for the job, but the job came and found me.” Hite took this job in hopes to improve the sports teams' foundations.

    His past work has ranged from custodian at the Schottenstein Center in Columbus to the head Men's and Women's Track and Field coach for Gallaudet University, as well as an assistant football coach at both Galluadet and ONU. Hite is excited that he can finally bring all of these different jobs together. From his life lessons and learning from what works and what doesn't, he believes that he can help the coaches and their views to “make the good things better, and fix the things that aren't perfect.”

    Students may have had the privilege of witnessing Hite's musical side as he has sung the National Anthem at various school sporting events. Although singing in an a capella group in college, Hite would rather get the equipment to work right or showcase the students' singing rather than having to sing it himself. The Volley for the Cure game on Sept. 11 is a good example of this, which made him proud of the students, and put a smile on his face.

    Although only second to being a professional golfer and playing in the PGA Tour, being an A.D. is an enjoyable job for Hite. His inspiration and will to achieve great things in life have come from a little note his father once wrote him, “The opportunity came because you made the choice.” Going to Dennison helped him become strong in all aspects of his life. Hite feels like every Van Buren student is improving and getting stronger in aspects of their life, helping him relate to the student body even better.

Fun Facts:

“Big” Ben Roethlisberger was Hite's back-up at Findlay High School.

Hite was 1st or 2nd in every category as quarterback for Findlay High School. Now he is 7th or 8th in most of them.

Fifteen years later, Hite still holds the record for the 300 meter-hurdle at FHS.

His 15-year high school reunion is next summer.

Hite was featured on the Sports Illustrated online edition. An article titled “Ohio high school QB who beat out Big Ben took different path in life.”