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Did Someone Say Snow Day?

posted Dec 16, 2013, 4:30 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Dec 16, 2013, 4:47 PM ]

As most of the students at Van Buren wait impatiently for the last week of school to end, I'm sure many are looking for any excuse to start winter break just a little bit earlier this year. With only three more days of school left, teachers and students alike are searching for any last bit of motivation to do their homework, or generally show up to school, which brings me to the question several people are asking? Will we end up with a delay or closing tomorrow? 

A burst of heavy snow should be moving through most of northwest Ohio this evening into the overnight hours. Most of Hancock county will see at least an inch or two of snowfall by the early morning hours tomorrow. Skies should clear out during the morning followed by more light snow later in the day Tuesday. Now some of you may be wondering, "Gee this is great and everything, but will I need to set my alarm tomorrow morning?" Unfortunately, I would imagine that you will have to. 

There's a good chance the country roads surrounding Van Buren are in rough shape by tomorrow morning, especially because the wind will be picking up once again. A lot of roads are still snow covered, and any snow that falls tonight will definitely help those who are hoping for a delay. We already saw one school delay for blowing snow, so why not two in a row? I think a delay is very possible, but closing school down for a couple inches of snow probably won't happen. If the snow falls just a little later than expected, then there's a greater chance for a delay/closing. 

My Official SnowDay Forecast: 

2 Hour Delay: 55%
Closing: 35% 

If these numbers aren't particularly encouraging to you, here's a list of ways you can do to help Van Buren get a "snow day" tomorrow. These are statistically proven to be more helpful than asking me why it won't snow more*: 
  • Snow dances- If done properly, these can be very effective
  • Bargaining- It's always worth a shot, right? 
  • Shovel snow from your yard onto local roads- This is by far the most time consuming, but the most effective. Only recommended for students who forgot to study for an important test or really don't want to go to school. 

*Again, please do not ask me why it didn't snow more. Please.